Thursday 24 Apr 2014
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We know how much an email mailbox can get flooded with SPAM and JUNK, and this is not fun… constantly deleting messages that you may not have signed up for, or newsletters that no longer are relevant to you… Not to mention all of the other random stuff! For those readers who work with modalities that include having to have up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology… than you are likely to get something valuable from Yoga Anatomy’s newsletter – finding yourself waiting for that message to come through…

Leslie Kaminoff, author of number 1 best selling yoga book – Yoga Anatomy, offers online courses in addiction to his face-to-face options in New York. You can get regular doses of his knowledge for free – simply sign up for his newsletter – We can always learn more about our bodies right!?

From the very beginning of HTM, one of our favourite things to do is giving readers opportunities to win wonderful prizes via our magazine… So whether these are to improve or aid your business, or your health, or are simply a nice prize for YOU, we take much pleasure in sharing great products and opportunities…

Here are the winners for our fantastic New Year issue competitions. Find out below if you’ve won: 

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil supplements 

  • Laura Surico
  • Tanya Moulding
  • Julie Warwick
  • Caroline Huckstepp

Slendier Pasta

  • Winner: Karen Phillips
  • Runnes up: Heather McCabe
  • Runner up: Joslyn Nair
  • Runner up: Gemma Hill

The anticipation is over! The Spring issue has finally Sprung! Have you subscribed? Read on for Amy’s (editor) letter…

Dear therapist,

You can feel it in the air…the hope and renewal of spring, as we shrug off the cold, damp winter and emerge into the dawn of a new season of renewed success and fulfilment. Welcome to the spring issue of HTM. 

This issue is practically vibrating with positivity and fresh ideas as we share the insights and wisdom of our holistic business experts with you, present some fascinating business case studies, explore different therapies, and present you with holistic health, beauty and lifestyle advice, products and people.

You may be thinking about expending your business this year, so we have some great advice on how to find the right people for you and your business, whether you’re a sole trader taking on your first member of staff, or a larger established practice looking for the right fit to add to your developing team.  Our internet expert Jonathan Pollinger shares his advice on how to source staff online on page 15. Carolyn Story, CEO of the Association of Reflexologists, tells us how to conduct good interviews and be the ideal interviewee on page 16, we find out how to write the perfect job description on page 17, while Sandy Newbigging introduces us to the “Connect Effect” for forging great connections and relationships in all areas of life on page 37.

On page 24 foot reader Jane Sheehan takes us through that all important skill for new therapists – how to attract new clients, while life coach Mark Shields offers his advice for getting the most from your client sessions on page 26. Rachel Fairweather puts us in the picture about money, what to charge, and how to get what you’re worth on page 22. Because you are worth it!

Another theme of this issue is embracing change. On page 18 Louise Jensen shares her personal story of how she embraced and accepted change to move forward and thrive, while Rozy explores using yoga to initiate and embrace change in your life on page 40.

We’ve got tips for using Easter to promote your business on page 29, as well as some delicious dairy free Easter chocolate gift ideas on page 64. Charlotte Palmer cooks up a beautiful Easter vegetarian lunch recipe on page 55. Don’t forget Father’s Day – there’s a selection of ethical present ideas for dads on page 64.

We also welcome our new columnist, holistic health and beauty expert Janey Lee Grace, who recommends some fabulous natural beauty products to detox you from the inside out on page 52. We also introduce a new section, Meet the Maker, where we talk to the people producing ethical health and beauty products, starting with the captivating story of how getting a goat led to new health and a new business for a family from Wales.

Enjoy this issue and we wish you health, wealth and happiness,

Amy x 

If you have a job you’d like to advertise or a service you’d like to share within the holistic industry then please let us know, as we are offering to share your posts on our FaceBook and Twitter… so get online and get social!

This includes any equipment that you may be selling, for example a good conditioned massage table.

This link has been circulating on FaceBook – and as I have a fitness background – but also my lifestyle and professional is holistic – I find this super interesting and in many ways shocking… once again it is a fantastic demonstration of how advertising and media have a huge impact on the masses… so be wise, careful and sensitive to your target audience when you advertise your business or service.

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Hi all… Online Editor – Jordan here… how are you going with your New Year resolutions?

For the most of us – the New Year seems like a distant memory – the eve of, having been filled with festivities, fun, family and friends… January can often bring on a glumness – a kind of post holiday blues – but if you care to look on the bright side, which HTM always encourages, you will see another, very clear opportunity for celebrations, new beginnings and good luck… The Chinese New Year is on the 31st January and last for two weeks. Check out this issue for some great promotional business tips for  this festive time!

So if you feel a little late at pushing forward with your New Year resolutions than try a fresh start now. Lin is a yoga teacher and Chinese Traditions and Food enthusiast (previous contributor too), as well as a good friend of mine,  her and her family are moving next week with the philosophy that the world is a place for of love and friends and so to embrace opportunity wherever you reside. Much love to them all on their new adventure.

It is a perfect time to think of making changes – positive ones that benefit you, your business and your family… so embrace the new year all over again with a touch of red for good luck and prosperity, as you shed your skin from the year of the snake and gallop with full freedom towards a year of success!

Congratulations to Amy, on her first issue as Managing Editor of HTM … Now busy working on a Spring issue for all of you lovely readers, here is her Editor Letter for the current Holistic Therapist Magazine… Subscribe today for more news, business and health in the industry’s No.1 Business Guide.

(Cover credits: Tina and MUA: Jolina O’Hair)

Dear therapist,

Welcome to the latest issue and Happy New Year! It’s my first issue as the new editor and I’ve been absolutely loving working with the fabulous HTM team to bring you the first issue of 2014.

Since I’ve taken the reins from the former ed Jordan (who’s now to be found running the HTM website), I’ve got to know our great regular contributors, discovered some more talented and experienced writers, heard some inspiring stories from readers, tried out some gorgeous new products for healthy holistic living and working, and had an incredible treatment. All of this and more is squeezed into this issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine. 

This New Year issue is all about new beginnings, refreshing your business and your life, embracing change and making 2014 your best year yet. As always, our remarkable team of regular contributors share their words of business wisdom. Rachel Fairweather writes about starting out and staying in business (page 24); life coach Mark Shields shares how to use the principles of teamwork for greater success (page 30); Jonathan Pollinger show you how to refresh your online profiles (page 14) while we also learn how to successfully launch a website in the new year (page 15); David Balens demonstrates how students and newly qualified therapists can safely develop their skills (page 26); Sandy Newbigging shares his teachings on making powerful and positive life changes (page 37); and Dr Stephen Hopwood brings you news of the “anti-cancer effect” for men of wholefood supplements (page 13).

We also celebrate Chinese New Year with features on using its symbolism to promote your business (page 16), as well as sharing tips on staying healthy this winter by using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (page 54), Karen Watkins’ reveals her ABC of top detoxing foods (page 52), and Charlotte Palmer offers you a winter warming Eastern recipe to make to warm your cockles on chilly nights (age 53). We honour St Valentine’s Day with some beautiful alternative loving gifts (page 45); celebrate Mother’s Day with pampering products (page 42), our new mum’s diary (page 39) and Rosanna’s advice for safely getting back into exercise after birth (page 40), and show you how to make New Year’s Resolution’s work for you (64). The magazine is also packed with inspiring real-life case studies and an interview with a very well known actress, model and mum (page 66).

It’s great to be on board as part of the HTM team. If you have stories, news and events that you’d like to share and see featured in the magazine, please get in touch – I’d love to hear your news so drop me a line at

Amy x

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil, £9.95 for 100ml

This oil smells divine and really feels like it’s working deep in the

muscles when it’s massaged in. I used it to relieve tension in my

shoulders and it feels rich and luxurious but leaves no oily residue.

5  stars


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This tea was a wonderful taste surprise! Delicate, flavourful and

refreshing, it makes a perfect hot drink whether you want a pick-me-up

or a comforting cup of something that’s delicious and also full of

antioxidant goodness.

4 stars


Spa Find Orchid Nourishing Hand & Foot Set, £19

Also available at

Gorgeous scent; it smells clean and fresh. It would make a lovely

pampering set for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet and/or

working with their hands. The hand cream wasn’t very moisturising though

and left my hands feeling dry.

3 stars

Hello, I’m the new editor of the magazine and I’d like to say it’s great

to be on board! In the short time since I’ve taken the reins from the

fabulous former magazine ed Jordan (still working her magic on the

website), I’ve met some incredible people who write regularly for HTM,

heard some amazing stories from readers keen to share their experiences,

tried out some fabulous new products for healthy holistic living, and

had a mind-blowing treatment, all of which, and more, will be packed

into the January/February/March issue of the magazine, out in the New



It’s good to here…

The New Year issue is all about fresh beginnings, refreshing your

business and your life, and embracing change. We also mark Chinese New

Year with features on using its symbolism to promote your business, as

well as offering you tips on staying healthy this winter by using

Chinese medicine, and giving you a deliciously warming Eastern recipe to

try. We honour St Valentine’s Day with some gorgeous alternative loving

gifts; celebrate Mother’s Day with our new mum’s diary and pampering

products, and meet some inspirational therapists with stories to share.

The mag is also packed with fantastic features from our remarkable team

of regular contributors, and an interview with a very famous model and


I’m so excited about being part of the HTM team. If you have stories,

news and events that you’d like to share and see featured in the

magazine, please get in touch – I’d love to hear them –

Amy x

A wall I miss Her - Holistic Therapist magazine

HTM would like to warmly welcome Amy Schofield as new appointed editor. Previous editor, Jordan Martin will not be missed! – As she is remaining with the team in her new role as Online Editor and PR Manager.

Amy brings a wealth of experience, and her role was effective from October 2013, readers will have a chance to meet Amy via the magazine in January. The new editor will also be writing an introduction on the HTM blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Editor blog on the Holistic Therapist Magazine website will include blogs from Amy, and Jordan, as well as Jordan’s assistant Eleanor.

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