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The start of the year is traditionally a time for looking back over the past and simultaneously looking forward to new adventures and exploring new ideas. Not surprising perhaps, since Janus, the two-faced Roman god of portals and doorways, gives his name to January.

One of the things I like best about Ancient Rome – and I’ll admit a tiny little obsession – is that they had a god for pretty much everything. There’s Feronia, goddess of spring flowers and woods, Minerva Medica, patroness of healers and doctors, or the rather wonderful Vitula, goddess of exultation and joy. Even the mighty Apollo combined his role as a Sun god with lesser roles dealing
with music and midges. No matter what the situation, there was always someone on hand to ask for some help.
This issue has evolved into something very similar! There’s help and expert guidance on hand for every situation.
You’ll find advice for new therapists, taking your business on tour, earning money from online consultancy and useful case studies on starting a training school, distributing products, working out who your most profitable tribe of clients are, habits of effect therapists, how to move out of your comfort zone, ScarWork techniques and starting to work for yourself. See what’s happening in the world of medical herbalism or get more involved with the CNHC. Try our questionnaire exercises, looking back over the past to help you plot your future, explore the latest books and the latest research.
Don’t miss our interviews with the winners of the inaugural Holistic Business A
wards and the inspirational Angela Wells of Hope’s Garden. Learn how to let go of emotional baggage with Sarah Williams and Gary Foster, find out about essential oils, or relax with some Thai Treats or feel good winter food.
I’m still not sure how we managed to pack it all in.

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