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Life is full of little surprises.

Sometimes we feel like Goldilocks – life is too hard; we have too much to do, too much to cope with, too many things piling up, to do lists a mile long.  Unforeseen changes make our lives more difficult.  At other times, life is too soft, too easy, too slow and relaxed, we lack challenge, just drifting along, underperforming and not really in control of our lives or businesses.  Like Goldilocks, if we want to be happy, we need to find something that’s “just right”. We need to find our balance.

When you work for yourself and have the demands of your business and personal life to juggle, it’s not always easy to strike a balance between family, friends, business, relationships, career, time and money.  Fortunately, you’ll find a host of ideas and features in this issue to help you find your perfect balance.

Start with our balancegram tool, which will highlight where you’re out of balance, then check out Rachel’s feature on how to deal with life changes, or Mark’s piece on getting a better work/ life balance. Find out how other therapists have managed to nd balance in their own lives. Ed Joy’s here to help if you need to reconnect with nature and Sarah’s on the case if you need to bring your spirit into balance.

We’ve also got some great business advice covering everything from harnessing consumer trends, Jade’s suggestions for thinking about websites, Karen’s advice for new therapists and Jane’s guide to planning a workshop. There are several introductions to less mainstream therapies if you need to expand your skills and service portfolio. We’re marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Bowen Technique, exploring the EMMETT Technique and Jayson’s sharing a remarkable insight into bioenergy healing in Slovenia.  It’s all go here!

On the lifestyle pages, you’ll find some great exitarian recipes, Liz’s techniques for hand care and massage, the chance to read inspiring stories and find out about new products. I’ve even forced myself to do some exercise, since my own balancegram showed this is the main area in my own life that’s off balance. There are days when sloths move more!

Einstein had the right idea when he said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. So that’s our theme for this issue. Find your balance. Keep moving. And don’t forget to take some time to enjoy all that life offers.

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