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Most of us working in the holistic industry have similar mindsets – this obviously doesn’t mean we are all cloned, but that we enjoy the same kind of things, the same lifestyles, and have a warmth towards helping others. Whilst it is super important to be kind, and helpful, when it comes to business it is also vital to be bold:

  • When it comes to setting your goals, set them high, and believe you can achieve them.
  • Give yourself regular confidence boosts  - even if this means writing messages to yourself on sticky notes.
  • Remember you are a therapist but you are also a businessperson and so conduct yourself with this mind.
  • What many of us practise in life, is balance, and this can come from being safe with some business decisions, but on other occasions it is important to take risks, and to not fear change. The most important thing is to be bold enough to make the decisions.
  • We are often monitoring our performance so closely, that fear of doing something wrong blocks what we are really capable of. You obviously believe in your therapy that you practice.  So if you have conviction in your knowledge and skills, then your clients will see this and this will re-enforce your confidence, and enable you to be bold in business when the time calls for it.

Action points:

  1. Get involved in holistic events and maybe do a talk.
  2. Ensure your employees know you are serious about business, and hold regular group meetings within work time.
  3. Book on HTM Training to solidify your business skills and increase your confidence.

So in a nutshell, believe in yourself, be decisive, and be fearless.

business cards

When it comes to marketing, there are ways that you can get your brand name out there to potential and existing customers without spending a penny, but sometimes it is worth allocating a budget – even if it is a small one – to some marketing or promotional ideas… especially the good and effective ones.

A great way to remind customers that you exist is by having branded merchandise. Remember don’t go crazy on branded stuff, but there are lots of options depending on your budget or type of therapy that you offer… Here are some of them:

  1. If you use pens al of the time to fill in appointment cards, or to get clients to fill out participant forms or health forms, then branded pens are a great way to market your business brand. There are so many types of pens, different sizes, colours, and perfect for a lower budget. there is also plenty of space for your brand name , number and web address too. And pens are useful, so they will only make it to the trash bin, once the owner has used the ink, unlike a leaflet which is likely to go straight in the bin.
  2. Canvas or cotton bags – these are great promotional gifts, and are super useful. Your clients are likely to use theirs as a spare shopping bag, or a book bag. Ensure you go to an organic company to get these printed – it may cost a little more but we holistic professionals have to practise what we preach.
  3. Branded festive cards are easily printed and if they are posted out early, they will get pride of place on the fire place or book shelf – and your brand will be seen by your client regularly reminding them you are open during the holidays, plus their friends and family will also be likely to have a nose inside the cards on visits, raising more awareness.
  4. If you have staff then it is worth getting them branded uniforms, or even fleeces or t-shirts – and when they travel to work or head out to lunch they are advertising the business for free. It also adds professionalism to your business.
  5. If you are a mobile therapist than car magnets are a great way to get your brand out there, and as you are traveling to the clients – why not give them a branded magnet for their fridge – either with a notepad so they can write their next appointment or a calender – make it useful and it will be kept.
  6. Already mention – calenders – these are great gifts given to key clients either for Christmas, or in September if it is an academic calendar. You can get branded calenders with gorgeous images or you can use an online printing company that lets you upload your own images. Remember a calendar gift is going to hang around for twelve months. You could also add notes on specific days you plan to have promotions or discounts.
  7. Not all branded merchandise needs to be gifted. If you work in a modality where the client is likely to purchase something like a towel, candle, mat, or eye pillow, then get some branded pieces and sell them at a small profit.


Wave US flay 4th july

In honour of the UK’s buddies thousands of miles away – HTM have decided to give you ten top tips on being independent:

  1. Listen to your gut instinct as well as the reason in your mind.
  2. Be content in your own company – go to the cinema with ‘me-myself-and-I’
  3. Be your own person, and make your own decisions – balance it though! Avoid being bossy.
  4. If you don’t have your driver’s licence yet, start taking lessons and get that freedom on the road.
  5. Be your self in your relationships – just because your best friend or partner supports Liverpool FC that doesn’t mean you have to. Just because someone close detests going to the gym, if you enjoy it then keep it up!
  6. Have personal goals and pursue them! You can still have goals with over people, but NOT  at the cost of your own.
  7. Wear what you want – okay avoid anything offensive, or that may get you arrested or fired – but your attire is an extension of your personality – so do not suppress that.
  8. Choose your own food at restaurants – taking recommendations and advice is different to having somebody order for you – you decide what you eat, when you eat it and with whom you dine with.
  9. Do a night class in something that you love, not because you need to for work or for any other reason, but because you are an independent person.. so belly dancing, fire eating, cookery, guitar, accounts, creative writing… if you fancy it, then try it!
  10. ME TIME: So work and family do take priority and this is fine, but allocate some Me Time – your kind of personal meditation that means you can chcek in with your needs, and remember who really eye when there are no external factors blacking your personal connection with you.

Happy Independence Day… 4th July 2014!

holistic therapist magazine

It’s summertime and time for yet another wonderful issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine… Read on to find out from the editor, Amy, what exciting articles are featured this issue. And if you still are yet to subscribe – your copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine is just a click away: SUBSCRIBE.

Dear Therapist,

The summer issue of HTM is all about letting yourself shine – professionally and personally.

As ever, we’ve got a rich seam of sound business advice running through the magazine from our fantastic contributors. The CAM Coach Mark Shields shares his words of wisdom on forging a future in the CAM industry, while Jonathan Pollinger and Amanda Cook share their internet marketing expertise. Continuing professional development is a vital part of any therapist’s journey, and Adam Lomax show you how to make the most of the opportunities for CPD throughout your career.

If you have all the skills but lack the confidence to make your business take off, read Katalin Swann’s advice on how to build up your confidence and your career. Hone your soft skills with Louis Jensen’s Business Journal, and learn how to articulate and communicate with ease with Rachel Fairweather of Jing Massage. Success is nothing to be afraid of, and life coach Nova Woodrow shows you how to stop self-sabotaging and embrace it.

We’ve also got real-life business case studies, to show you how anything is possible if you really want it. We also launch a new series in partnership with holistic health experts as they show us different ways to cope with stress in our new series, “Ask the Hale Clinic”.

HTM’s ‘You & Your Health’ section is packed with natural health, beauty and lifestyle advice to help you enjoy summer to the full. We have fabulous features on integrating yoga into family life, and also using your practice to reconnect with those you love. Our latest makers share their passion for their products, while Janey Lee Grace helps you to get gorgeous summer skin and hair with her holistic beauty picks. Make a light and delicious summer salad with Charlotte’s recipe and whip up some indulgent puddings with our seasonal sugar-free recipes.

We’ve also got three fabulous competitions, and some great reader discounts exclusively for you.

Enjoy this summer issue and we wish you health, wealth and happiness,

Amy x 




July always feels like it is smack in the middle of the British season of heat waves, the odd rainstorm and multi-coloured skies… It maybe as unpredictable as ever, but don’t let that stop you enjoying the great British summer. Here are five fun ways to get your outdoor exposure:

  1. Be at One: Visit the local nature reserve, climb a tree, read a book under a tree, or simply sit and be at one with the trees.
  2. Have Fun: Play a game of footy with your buddies, go to a playground and see how high you can fly on the swing, or jump as high as you can in the middle of a field.
  3. Walkies: If you don’t have a dog, then borrow one and take it for a stroll. Being around a furry pooch can make you feel great. Dogs are great for your health!
  4. Dare to Bare: Go swimming in the sea at your local beach, sunbath in the buff in your garden or on a roof patio… remember to apply protective lotion.
  5. Absorb the view: If your schedule is relentless and you really cannot spare the time to go far, simply fling open the windows and peer out over the sky or countryside – any view that is filled with nature will give you a boost of wellbeing.

tips for summer business

So summer is the time we all want to pack up and go away – or if the British weather holds out then it is likely a day at home in the garden with the family will suffice… And this is all completely doable – but why not try to increase your earnings first then take your vacation? Here are five tips that will bring you closer to days on the beach:

  1. The summer holidays are fast approaching, and so any promotion that reads out ‘family fun’, ‘family time’, ‘kids free’ or ‘summer sun’ will all be attractive to your customers and may even attract some new ones too.
  2. Take a look at a holiday that you really want, and then take a look at your earnings – see if you can increase them enough during the summer to clearly pay for a family vacation. This will inject the incentive that you need to offer great deals and great service. Keep that positive mindset and that goal in mind.
  3. Take the time to promote your business – the weather is better, people are smiling and the mood is generally more vibrant during summer, so take advantage of this and spread the love even more. Check out some of the other posts with tip son how to promote like Read all ABOUT it.
  4. Why not run a summer promotion, and give a percentage of the profits to charity? You will still earn a decent amount, and it is an incentive for customers to get involved, as well as a chance for your business/brand to team up with a charity that is close to your heart. You could run a treatment event where you sell tickets, or sell products or organic gifts. If you contact the charity they may help you with some ideas. YOu may want to think about supporting a smaller, local charity.
  5. Offer your clients more options for treatment slots – be prepared to work longer hours during the month of July, when the evenings are lighter and people are preparing for their holidays. Ensure you promote these new hours and that they are for a short period only, and your customers will want to get in there quickly.

Before you know it, you’ll be taking a day or even a week off to enjoy the fun of summer.

false memories

Can people really have false memories? Well, as therapists, some of you would have experience with working with the mind, and many ailments and dis-ease within the body and a part of lifestyles are a manifestation of how we think. When we talk about positive thought, and how such systems can turn our lives around for the better, even the holistic impact of yoga has been reported – more recently than ever – to have positive impacts on people’s minds, creating lifestyle shifts and changing the way they think… THEN surely if we can do this in a good way intentionally, then the reverse can also be done. It all sounds a little science fiction doesn’t it? If you have watched the movie Inception you would have to go pretty deeply to implant an idea in somebody’s mind in order for it to be effective. This highlights the more reason for us as therapists to be vigilant when working with matters of emotion, of the mind, and of memory.

One particular case study in America of a middle aged women shows the damage false memories can have. The lady had sought therapy after remembering having been inappropriately touched by a family member as a child. Several therapy sessions had her in a hypnotic state drawing on feelings and memories, however the the way in which the therapist had guided her during the sessions resulted in memory suggestion at a deep level. Ultimately, the client was left confused about her reality and as a result began to take courses of strong prescribed drugs, which too, had an effect on her mental state, furthering her confusion. The women had raised all kinds of accusations which could not be proven through lie-detection tests, DNA tests, court cases or further therapy – yet her memories had felt o real to her because she had associated them with true feelings on a subconscious level, and because she spoke with so much detail and conviction it caused more family heartache and even more confusion in her. Whilst her initial memory was accurate all the others were false, and eventually this was all cleared up through other therapy, and the woman and family are re-building bridges.

This briefly described case is not an isolated incident, and highlights the vital role a therapist plays within their work.  Read on for a few tips:

  1. Ensure you and all of your staff are fully trained and continue learning about your and their discipline respectively.
  2. Ensure that you, your staff and practice are insured with a reputable company and adhere to the insurance requirements, such as up-to-date records on all patients or clients.
  3. Ensure you use the words used by the client and do not imply or make suggestions when they are in a vulnerable state i.e hypnosis.
  4. Ensure you are aware of any medication that your client is on, in case it has side effects of vivid dreams or hallucinations.

Remember that the overall well-being and safety of your client is paramount, as well as the integrity of your professionalism and practice.

grief tips

Grieving is a natural process we all go through when we experience loss. The more significant the loss, the more profoundly the grief is felt! Grieving is usually associated with the death of a loved one, however grief is a natural response to any loss. Experiencing grief in any of the following situations is completely normal and this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Retirement
  • Moving home
  • Death of a loved one, friend and/or pet
  • Significant life changes
  • Diagnosis of an illness
  • Acts of violence
  • Natural disasters
  • Change in job
  • Loss of independence
  • Injury and/or disability

Grieving can be painful and the emotions can be challenging to deal with. Feelings around denial, anger, helplessness, being vulnerable, wanting to regain control (If only I…), depression, sadness, regret and isolation can be emotions felt when grieving but you do not necessarily have to go through each emotion to move on and they are not necessarily experienced in that order. The grieving process takes time and there is no specific time scale in which people heal and move on. Grieving can not be hurried. It can take weeks, months or years. Whatever your experience the most important thing to remember is to allow the process to unfold naturally, be gentle with yourself and seek support, help and guidance when you need it. The strongest of people can need professional support and the smartest know when to ask for it. There is no “right way” to deal with grief and each person will respond differently. However there are “healthier ways” in which to deal with grief, which will support you to move on when you are ready.

Here are my top 10 tips when grieving:

1. Eat properly and take care of yourself.

Grief can put a lot of strain on your mind and body so it is important to feed your body with nourishing foods to help combat the effects of stress. High stress levels can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to colds, flu and other illnesses. Eat nutrient dense foods, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Make sure you keep appointments with healthcare providers.

2. Write down what you are feeling.

Keep a journal about your daily life and life as a whole. Write as much or as little as you like. This is your journal and your life – you are in control. Some people find it helpful to share their written thoughts, others keep them under lock and key. Choose what feels right for you. Write down the emotions you felt through out the day and why you think you felt them. Notice if there are any specific triggers. This also helps to organise your thoughts and make sense of your feelings. It also makes it easier to process and make them seem less overwhelming. Write down a list of what you have been grateful for during your day and in your life – a gratitude list. Re-reading your gratitude list helps you to get through tougher days.

3. Do activities you enjoy.

Finding something you enjoy doing helps occupy your mind and supports you to be present. Any activity will engage your mind and body but creative activities such as painting, drawing, dance, singing, music, cooking and so on, are a great way to express yourself emotionally. When you apply yourself fully, notice how enlivened you feel. Getting energised this way will bring a sense of hope and opportunity to do something you’ve always fancied doing.

4. Be fully open to receive new experiences.

Try saying “yes” to opportunities. This will open you up to new and different experiences. When one door closes another opens. Trust that life does not give you anything you cannot cope with. Try something new. Remember this is a process you are going through that will not last forever – you will get through this.

5. Find groups to share with.

Joining a group that shares the same creative expression can allow you to feel a sense of community and provide opportunity to make friends, discuss feelings and learn from others who have been through a similar experience. Choose a group that is understanding and compassionate to your situation.

6. Get physical.

Start getting physically active. Jog, run, dance, yoga, join a fitness class, walk the dog but try to do something every day. This is about you doing something for you, getting time with your thoughts and getting out of your home. Physical exercise also aids a healthy mind and body and is a great stress, anger and depression buster.

7. Feed your mind positivity.

Try and avoid watching and reading “bad news”. This may seem obvious but watching and reading negative information is not conducive to your healing process. Find positive things to surround yourself with; entertaining programmes, watching an uplifting film or reading a good book. Socialise with friends and family who make you feel good and are supportive. Let them be there for you and forget the people that don’t show up for now; if they are meant to be in your life, they will show up again at some point. People usually fall into two categories with grief. They either distance themselves as they aren’t sure how to help – not because of you, it’s because of their own short comings or they are very supportive indeed.

8. It’s okay not to be okay.

Grieving can be a difficult process. Don’t try and keep up the impression that everything is okay when it isn’t – accept that you are not okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to experience the emotions you need to go through. Try not to resist them as this will make them seem stronger and prolong feeling them. If you need to cry, cry. If you feel angry, feel angry. Be gentle and be self-compassionate and know that you are not going crazy. Research the grieving process to educate yourself – knowledge is power. Don’t try and figure it out by yourself. The internet is a miraculous free fountain of knowledge so use it to understand what you are experiencing.

9. Have “acceptance” as your goal.

Processing your emotions in writing supports you to move towards acceptance. When you write something down repeatedly, your mind no longer looks for answers to questions you just couldn’t quite figure out. Reaching a point of acceptance can mean many things and you may feel that it is too soon to “accept” what has happened – this is okay. As mentioned earlier; there is no time scale when grieving, so move at your own pace and do what feels right for you. Acceptance will happen when you are ready.

10. The most important point to remember.

You are doing great in your own way – everyone experiences grief differently. What other people think has nothing to do with you. Being self-compassionate determines whether or not you want to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give life another go. It’s a much easier choice to try and learn from an experience than to judge yourself negatively about the way you’re experiencing it. Be true to yourself. This will bring many more moments of joy and happiness into your life which will encourage you to keep moving forward.

Use the grieving process as an opportunity. An opportunity to be authentic through self compassion and to love yourself. Be your true self. You are strong, capable and beautiful. You will get through this part of your journey and be stronger for it.

By Siȃn Evans - CarersWorld!


After much discussion and perfect planning the Holistic Therapist Team have compiled a fantastic series of business workshops. These new training workshops are catered specifically for therapists. There are seven workshops which will help therapists become or continue to be successful within business. You can book a place on all of the workshops, or pick and choose the subjects that appeal to you the most:

  • How to build a six figure business doing what you love
  • Creating a successful marketing strategy for your business
  • Your brand story – your number one marketing tool
  • How to use social media to build your business – Part 1: The bare essentials
  • How to use social media to build with your business – Part 2: Blog your way to business success
  • Everything that you need to know to create a successful website that attracts leads and turns them into paying customers
  • Online marketing – emails and drip campaigns

These workshops start in September 2014 through to April 2015, not only cover all you need to know in areas of business, but they are a great way to meet other therapists, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the social element of these holistic business events held at the prestigious Hale Clinic in London. And delicious food, courtesy of Nutrichef is provided as part of the discounted price, and refreshing, fresh juices are provided by Nuture.

HTM are offering a Special Introductory price of £99 per workshop for a limited time only! (normal price is just £149.00) HTM are even offering HTM Subscribers a discounted fee of £85.00. So call 0208 668 5423 if you have any questions! FIND OUT ALL DETAILS ON CONTENT, AIMS AND OUTCOMES OF WORKSHOPS… AND TO BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY CLICK : BUSINESS WORKSHOPS. 

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Easter illustration of therapist

Not long until the next issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine is published… as always it will be full of business advice, industry news, opportunities and articles for your business and for you and your health.

To ensure you get your copy… head to the Subscribe page and choose the right subscription for you!

Remember if you have any news, case studies, and stories then please contact the team.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon and Happy Easter.