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Alter ego dark chocolater

Okay – so not all dark chocolate is kind to trees – but this stuff – is my personally current favorite – tasting amazingly delicious, as well as being ethical in every way. You may noticed that the image is of empty packets… well, this is because it has been unwrapped, chewed and swallowed by me… And I’m not afraid to admit – that I shall be purchasing another bar shortly… And I will feel good about eating it and buying it because it is organic, fair trade, and the productions allows work for farmers, as well as preservation of tree/farming land… and plans to plant more.

I love trees just as much as I like good quality chocolate!

Here are five reasons why dark chocolate is good for you:

  1. Some research shows that a small amount of dark chocolate eaten daily can reduce blood pressure.
  2. Dark chocolate includes chemical compound that have positive effects on the brain, and also create feelings of happiness.
  3. The bitter taste of dark chocolate can reduce your cravings for more, so you only need a small dose of the good stuff.
  4. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants, and it also contains something called Theobromine, which is supposed to help keep tooth enamel hard.
  5. Dark chocolate’s flavonoids help the body to use insulin efficiently.

Oh – and it tastes GOOD!

Here are five reasons why quinoa is good for you:

  1. It is a super food – and protein rich.
  2. It contains more fibre than most other grains.
  3. It contains iron, and Lysine – vital for growth and repair.
  4. It is rich in Magnesium.
  5. And rich in B2 vitamins.

Oh – and it tastes GOOD!

Here are five reasons why trees are good for you:

  1. Trees purify the air – our air.
  2. Trees provide oxygen – HELLO! isn’t that the stuff we breath in to survive!
  3. Trees preserve energy, whilst keeping the streets cool.
  4. Trees provide food, shelter, soil preservation and more.
  5. Trees are spiritual and beautiful… and so much more!

Oh – DON’T eat them! Save them… and even HUG them! ;o)

You can find out more about Alter Ego.



So we all begin the New Year with an investment in gym membership, chucking out all of the festive food, and any new year booze, and we promise ourselves NO MORE! We all know that this shock tactic can lead to eating more, doing less and sneaking the odd pint of beer or glass of wine during the week… not to mention that gym membership not been used three times a week as planned!

SO WHAT IS THE TRICK TO STICKING TO THE NEW YEAR HEALTH PLAN? There is no right answer for everybody, as we are all different, but for those of us that struggle with committing to a new health plan… the trick is simply to do it slowly, without pressure – after all, we don’t want to be in this position each year right? It is much better to make a permanent shift in lifestyle than to yo-yo diet or binge on booze than stop altogether.

Here are some tips to help you to integrate your lifestyle shift slowly:

  • Start by switching sweets and chocolate to a nice juicy apple or a nut snake… EASY!
  • Walk or cycle to work instead of public transport or driving, if you have stairs at work or go via tube – walk up the escalators and opt for the stairs… YES if really does make a huge difference over the course of a day or week.
  • Get a chair yoga DVD and do stretches and exercises during the day – no need to change your clothes and twenty minutes is plenty to get your lifestyle shifting in a healthier direction.
  • DON’T go supermarket shopping when you are hungry.. you will grab every bargain going – as well as eat a packet of crisps or choccy bar before you’ve even reached home. So maybe write a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Plan your meals – particularly your lunch.
  • Make a healthy switch for the whole family, so you do not feel left out – try not to pressure your partner or kids to eat or live a particular way, just encourage it gradually, as you are doing with yourself… so bring in a family bike ride, or walk, or swim.
  • Make sure your shift is fun – you are more likely to stick to it… try a new hobby that is exciting but also a good form of exercise – so don’t assume that the gym is the only way to stay fit! What about netball, rock climbing, dancing?
  • Turn off Face Book and switch off the TV – even if you start one day a week and see what you can do with your time. We tend to snack a lot when we are watching movies. Dedicate just one evening to an electronic-free one.
  • Write sticky notes with inspirational phrases – stick  them on your fridge, your mirror, the toilet door… read them and pay attention to your words!!!



Innovation in self-care is happening all around us, whether a gadget to tell you how many steps you’re taking everyday or monitor your eating habits, it’s clear that the future of our wellbeing is looking decidedly digital.

With this in mind, health and wellbeing platform was created. It’s free to use, and a place for you to set yourself goals, track your progress and find advice and support along the way.  So far, so good?

Digital self-care can also be holistic: “Behaviour research tells us people want to look after themselves but need a little help…” Stuart Jackson, Puffell co-creator explains, “The best thing about Puffell is the offline connections being made in the community. Puffell’s groups feature means you can connect digitally like you might on social media site Facebook, then linked with like-minded people in your postcode, start a walking group or other wellbeing activity with the advantage of having a place to track your progress online.”

Sign up on:

Befriend on/Like:

Holistic Therapist Magazine, smiling baby Jess

We are sure that the HTM readers would like to join the whole team in congratulating the MD and his lovely partner, on the arrival of their beautiful daughter.

Thank you Jessica for your smile, and for the wonder in your eyes; for reminding us that everybody was once a child, and that each and every human-being is beautiful.

Importance: Of family; Of union; Of commitment; Of love; Of the purity and innocence of new life. Children bring the seemingly important things into true perspective – not everything we place effort, or time on is as important as we believe it to be. The wonder of children is grounding, beautiful; the true essence of existence. So whether it is a friend’s child, a family member, or your own child, be inspired by them, and embrace a moment to feel your childlike nature again. Drink in that wonderful feeling of youth. Look at the sky as though it is the first time you have seen it (blues, pinks – and even shades of grey), be engulfed by the beauty in this world, the beauty, which we so-often take for granted. Just for a moment absorb it, maybe a moment per day, and gradually, perhaps these moments will stretch out and alter our perception forever.


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Dear Therapist,

Woohoo! Jump for joy at the thought of this beautiful season… It’s summertime! I love the unpredictable nature of the British weather… the anticipation of sunshine is always accompanied by the same warmth in the smiles of people passing by. There is a unique vibrancy and soulfulness in the air and this positive energy is shared with the clouded skies of silver, because we all know that the sun will show itself soon enough.

… And what better way to enjoy the random showers of sunshine than camping with your family (page 50). It is the perfect opportunity to visit a day spa or a retreat, and revitalise your body, mind, heart and soul… check out our great reviews this issue: Jan heads to the Homefield Grange (page 44), Yvonne visits Deer Lake Lodge (page 65), and Kate reviews facial reflexology (page 64). We have plenty more for you and your health as always.

…But as you all know, Holistic Therapist Magazine is the industry’s number one business guide, and so we have heaps of advice and tips for you to continue to flourish in your business, and reinforce the industry as a whole, so that together we can share the benefits of holistic therapies and lifestyles!

We revisit advertising with an article on writing effective flyers (page 24), as well as offering some words of wisdom from Louise Jensen (page 22) and Mark Shields (page 23).  From advertising advice, we head to Marketing on a Shoestring, expertly written by Rachel Fairweather (page 26). Jonathan Pollinger sheds more light on the world of social-networking, focusing this issue on the business website, LinkedIn (page 16)… And one of my favorite news pieces this issue has to be that written by Doctor Stephen Hopwood (page 13).

Enjoy journeying through this issue of HTM, and remember I am just an email away on So if you have a product or book you’d like us to review, or an interesting story or case study please do contact me.

Warmth and love this season

Jordan x

Managing Editor



Cover credits;


Model: Sarah Parker

Stylist: Daniella Jukic

MUA: Jolina O’Hair

At least 25 percent of couples planning a baby will have trouble conceiving, and more and more couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them have a family. With a growing number of women waiting until their careers are established before they try to conceive, conception can be more difficult.

Helping couples to future-proof their fertility

Many people are unaware of the fact that diet can help to correct hormone imbalances that may affect a couple’s ability to conceive. The following should be included:

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates – wholegrains like brown rice, oats and wholemeal bread
  • Organic foods where possible
  • Oily foods such as fish, nuts, seeds and oils
  • Reduced intake of saturated fats from dairy products
  • Increased intake of fibre
  • Avoid additives, preservatives and chemicals, such as artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid sugar, both on its own and hidden in food


Having four cups of coffee or any caffeinated drink a day makes it 26% less likely that a woman will conceive and drinking only 2 cups of coffee a day is associated with a 25% increased risk of miscarriage. And problems with sperm health are connected with increased coffee intake.


Alcohol will also make it more difficult to get pregnant with only just three alcoholic drinks or more a week. The same is true for male fertility, as we know that alcohol can lower sperm counts and will also block the body’s ability to absorb fertility boosting nutrients like zinc.


A woman is twice as likely to get pregnant if she doesn’t smoke compared to a woman who does. And smoking is linked to 5,000 miscarriages per year.

Chemicals in tobacco smoke can damage DNA in sperm which can make it harder to conceive because fertilisation can’t take place or if it is does, it can increase the risk of a miscarriage as nature will always work on survival of the fittest.

If a couple has a combination of four negative lifestyle factors (including tea/coffee, smoking and alcohol) it can take them seven times longer to get pregnant.

3. Fertility Boosting Supplements

We know that certain nutrients increase the chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Folic Acid

It is well known that folic acid can prevent spina bifida.  Folic acid is important, but it is just part of the very important family of B vitamins that are necessary to produce the genetic materials DNA and RNA.


Zinc is the most widely studied nutrient in terms of fertility for both men and women. A zinc deficiency can cause chromosome changes in either men or women, leading to reduced fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage. Men  given a combination of zinc and folic acid, showed a 74% increase in total sperm count.


Selenium is an antioxidant that can prevent chromosome breakage, which is known to be a cause of birth defects and miscarriages. Selenium supplementation given to men increases sperm count, motility and the number of normal sperm.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant and has been shown to increase fertility when given to both men and women.  With men, vitamin E helps to increase fertilisation rates during ICSI treatments.  If a woman over the age of 35 is told that her fertility problems are caused by her age, then it is likely that she could benefit from taking both vitamins E and C.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and we know that women who take vitamin C while they are doing IVF have a significantly increased pregnancy rate. Vitamin C is also good for men as it can help to increase sperm counts by up to a third.

A review of 34 studies with men going for IVF/ICSI cycles has shown that when men take antioxidants (including zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E) their partner is five times more likely to have a live birth compared to a placebo.

Amino acids

Two amino acids, L-arginine and L-carnitine are particularly important for sperm health.  The L-arginine is essential for healthy sperm production and protects the sperm against oxidative damage. The higher the levels of L-carnitine in sperm cells, the higher the sperm count and motility.


Omega 3 fatty acids

The Omega 3 fatty acids have a profound effect on every system of the body, including the reproductive system and they are crucial for healthy hormone functioning.

When men supplement with Omega 3 fish oils there is a significant increase in sperm counts compared to a placebo.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to balance a woman’s immune system which is important in getting and staying pregnant.  In order for a woman to stay pregnant, her immune system has to quieten down because half the baby’s DNA is not hers.  Normally if the body detects something foreign it aims to expel it from the body.  For some women, their immune systems do not quieten down and so they can’t get or stay pregnant

Vitamin D is also important for male fertility as low levels of this nutrient is associated with low sperm motility and more abnormal forms.

In the clinic I use two supplements that contain the most important nutrients for fertility. They are called Fertility Support for Women and Fertility Support for Men and are available from

Finally, three months is the recommended period of time for dietary and lifestyle changes to take effect and for food supplements to work their magic. And according to psychologists it also takes at least three months to replace dietary and lifestyle habits that aren’t doing you any good with healthier ones. Think about it – old habits diehard and your body and mind need that period to adjust to fertility and health-boosting changes.

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health.  She is the Former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine and the author of a number of internationally best selling books including ‘Getting Pregnant Faster’ and ‘Natural Solutions to PCOS’.  For more information go to  Dr Glenville runs a number of women’s health clinics in London, Tunbridge Wells and Dublin. If you are interested in a consultation, you can contact Dr Glenville’s clinic on 0870 5329244 or by email:

Wow, we are well in to 2013 – and so I’m sure you have already grabbed your copy of the Water issue with Elen Rivas on the cover… the holistic celebrity answers my questions on the Editor Six page of this issue… after she dried off from her amazing underwater shoot with Robin Conway and a fab team of professionals, including yoga-loving celebrity hair stylist Vicki Lord, our very own make-up therapist Emily Rose (who had a beautiful daughter recently, Megan – Congratulations to you and Anton and Lara, from the whole of HTM), Nina Sobers styled the shoot and Sophia Love designed the couture dress.

We decided to do a water special as water is a fab metaphor for some business situations and because water is such a massive part of a healthy lifestyle… it stands for freshness, new life, as well as health and vitality. To find out more of what is in the current issue read my Editor Letter below… and of course subscribe to the industry’s no.1 business guide and get your very own copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine to your door per quarter… it’s easy! Click HERE!


Dear Therapist,

It’s 2013, and our one-year anniversary! A big gorgeous happy new year to you all… and we made it through the winter solstice: 21/12/12…  Whoopee! Whilst the world didn’t end, as predicted, (phew!) – I think many people are certainly beginning to see the world in a new light… more holistically, with more gratitude, focusing on what is real and gaining more perspective – they seem to be taking a leap of faith in different directions, but one that is true to their core and essence, and this, to me, is a small, but definite shift in humanity. And a fantastic time for the holistic industry, and for you as therapists to reach out to these people and share with them your knowledge of a more holistic way of being, perhaps even bringing about the end of the world, as we have previously known it.

Talking of sharing knowledge, we have plenty of business tips as always; with JP’s social media advice on surfing the web (page 16); ten top tips to keep your head above water in business (page 18); Simona Hart’s News Year’s resolutions for therapists (page 23); focus yourself with Sue Masters’ class (page 22); and how to grow your business using Annette’s marketing advice (page 21). You may have noticed some of the water metaphors already – well, that’s because it is the water special, and I just cannot resist splashing droplets of wet words…  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Karen Watkins’ article this issue about water consumption (page 35), and working with model-celebrity, and mother, Elen Rivas – who took an elegant plunge in to Kentish Town’s swimming pool in-between answering my Editor Six questions (page 38).

To all of you mums out there, including Elen – Happy Mother’s Day – it is a lovely day of the year, and also a fabulous opportunity for business in the holistic industry. My four-year-old son (pictured with me above) loves yoga, and mediation, and massages… so maybe hold a family day, or provide mother and daughter offers? It is even worth opening your doors for business on Mothering Sunday, for a special day of pampering and treats.  Express to your clients that it is great to involve your family in their holistic hobbies, and for those that have clients who are pregnant, or if you are indeed carrying a baby yourself, then you’ll love the fitness and pregnancy interview with expert YMCAFIT teacher, Michelle Smith.  Rosanna Kalliabetsos delivers a wonderful article on ‘who to trust’ when you are pregnant, with great advice that you can pass on to your clients (page 26).

As always we have a super lot of content packed in our pages especially for you, your business and your health – so once again, I’ll leave you to it, but I’m just a click away on, if you want to share stories, case studies, advice, products or photos.  Chat soon – and on behalf of the HTM team, I wish you a warm, and wonderful New Year, for business, and for health to you and your family.

Warm Regards

Jordan x

Managing Editor




Issue 4 is out and if you managed to head to Camexpo you may have met some of the team at the HTM stand… the issue is packed full of articles for you and your health and of course lots of business advice.  The beautiful cover girl is holistic loving TV presenter Anna Williamson.  The photo shoot took place at Tulip Yoga Studios in Clapham… thanks to the fab team: Darren Brade, Emily Rose, Vicki Lord, Nina Sobers.

WHAT IS IN THE FESTIVE ISSUE?… ‘Tis also the season to be jolly – so say a big corpulent ‘NO’ to stress with a little help from Hazel Bate, eat to avoid stress with Karen Watkins’ nutritional advice, and Reiki yourself to a more relaxed you, and fight off stress with Rosemary Pharoh’s column. If that isn’t a big enough message to say ‘chill out’, then mix up your modern mind with the traditions of Zen, outlined by Simon Hathaway.  Oh and just to confuse you all, stop chilling out in the literal sense, and ensure you wrap up warm in the horrid weather with our cosy tips.

As a businesswoman, I am fully aware of the importance of relationships, be them with your colleagues, maintaining good ones with friends and family, or building strong ones with clients, and so this issue I have written top tips to help you build client relationships; Jane Sheehan talks about the importance of client rapport; and pitch your products with Max McMurdo, who shares his expert knowledge from his time on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

HTM wants you all to enjoy the final quarter of what has hopefully been a successful year so far, and reap the business benefits it brings too.  Read all about how you can take advantage of the holiday period with Mark Shields’ Coaching; Ara Lee shares tips on gaining repeat business during Christmas; and Sue Masters provides advice to help you through the festive season without burning out.

I get so carried away telling you the great articles we have per issue, that the best thing to do is to actually get on with reading it… So I’ll leave you to it!  Grab your copy at an exhibition or show, or subscribe now

Oh, wait! Before you go, please know that the whole HTM team thank you for your support this year, and are so glad you are gaining enjoyment as well as business benefit from the Industry’s No.1 Business Guide.  We wish you all a truly wonderful Christmas and we look forward to sharing another successful New Year with you all.  Until then, be merry and jolly, and loving to everyone you meet, drink sensibly, and be choosey with food you eat, sing songs, dance and play games that you love, and embrace each and every moment with an internal warm hug.

Until next time,


Managing Editor


For the Professional Pix feature in Issue 2, the three judges got to try three more products of my choice, and the fun bit is that I get to try them too!  Here is what I thought about them…

Thanks to contributors Karen Watkins, and Tracey Woodward, who are our permanent judges, and thank you to Louise Glover, who was our guest therapist judge for issue 2.

See my verdicts below and my out-of-five star ratings:

Manuka Honey Bar, Energy   3.5* [three and a half stars]


I wish I wasn’t about to type this… too late – I’m a chocolate lover!  There, I wrote it.  I have weened myself off the lovely brown stuff recently, but whilst I sit here typing, I am salivating at the thought of a bar of gorgeous chocolate.  The point I am trying to make is that I am not really good with ‘bars’ of any other nature… so I am ashamed to say I held an instant prejudice against the honey trap.  I found the taste quite strong, and so ate a small piece at a time… I really did feel the boost in energy from just a small amount.  I grabbed the rest of my bar one morning rushing my son to school ( Mondays, we are always cutting it fine – I don’t believe in alarm clocks you see!), the rest of the bar nourished me as a filling morning snack… didn’t have time for breakfast before I left.  I like the nutty textures of the bar, and once I got used to the none-chocolate taste, the honey was certainly sweet enough.

Frownies Facial Patches 5* [five stars]


Right, these little patches look a bit like flesh-coloured plasters [I usually wear plasters with pictures on, hence the detailed description].  I look youthful’ish for somebody approaching their thirty-second birthday, and like other parents have at some stage suffered a continuous nights of sleep deprivation. So if I’ve had enough sleep I look smooth’ish, but if I’m tired, squinting in the sunshine, or concentrating in front of my laptop, or reading a book – I frown.. you know that frown mark that looks like the number eleven, the one that laughs at your reflection in the  morning – that’s the one!  So my place of choice for this product was smack between the eyebrows in a bid to wipe the creasing grin off the number eleven.  The patch stops me from frowning, and so it avoids me from making my faint frown mark deeper.  I have worn these to bed [not too attractive - but better than tit-tape, which is what I used to wear across my forehead in a bid to reduce the eleven in the past].  These patches are easy to use, and to remove.  Something I failed to do one morning, as I accidentally left it on when signing for a parcel, so my patch was in full view of the postman… he probably thought it was a plaster.  I love these, I believe they work, they certainly make me stop frowning when I’m wearing them!

Sacred Sounds CD 4* [four stars]

£13 (+ P&P),

I first listened to this CD with my son – he is nearly four.  We relaxed on the rug, with crossed legs and closed our eyes.  I liked the bold sounds, and he was still and calm for a while.  Even if you are not a regular meditator [I'm not, but I am trying to do more of], then it is calming music to have on when you are doing something practical, where you can switch off your mind – like washing up, or even some types off therapeutic work.  It’s probably not a good idea to listen to this CD if you are driving or need to stay alert, as it does have a trance quality to the combination of sounds.

We have an article in Issue 2 all about acupuncture – and how people have certain misconceptions about the ancient alternative practice.  Here is some information about the British Acupuncture Council…

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) is the UK’s largest governing body of traditional acupuncture with over 3,000 members – each of whom is an accredited practitioner providing the highest standard of professional care to patients. BAcC members practice a traditional, holistic style of acupuncture diagnosis and treatment based on a system developed and refined over 2,000 years.

To achieve BAcC membership, practitioners must first undertake extensive training in acupuncture (minimum three years full-time at BSc or BA degree level) which includes physiology, anatomy and other biomedical sciences appropriate to the practice of acupuncture and their expert practice skills are maintained by following a mandatory individual programme of continuing professional development (CPD). BAcC membership is also a mark of assurance of high standards in professionalism, training and safety.