Friday 18 Apr 2014
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From the very beginning of HTM, one of our favourite things to do is giving readers opportunities to win wonderful prizes via our magazine… So whether these are to improve or aid your business, or your health, or are simply a nice prize for YOU, we take much pleasure in sharing great products and opportunities…

Here are the winners for our fantastic New Year issue competitions. Find out below if you’ve won: 

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil supplements 

  • Laura Surico
  • Tanya Moulding
  • Julie Warwick
  • Caroline Huckstepp

Slendier Pasta

  • Winner: Karen Phillips
  • Runnes up: Heather McCabe
  • Runner up: Joslyn Nair
  • Runner up: Gemma Hill

It is April 7th – and World Health Day…

The message of this year’s World Health Day is Small Bite – Big Threat: Highlighting the dangers of insect bites at home or when travelling!

Here are five other ways you can be a healthier you:

  1. It is healthy to smile! Why? Well, it feels good, it looks pretty, other people feel happy when you smile at them… and if you smile for a long enough time – not until your face aches – but a nice full genuine smile, well then you trick your brain in to thinking that you are feeling good – even if perhaps you are not having the best of days – And then you do begin to feel good!
  2. It is healthy to exercise! Of course it is! And now the weather is improving – get out and about! Share time with friends and family on a stroll, or head to the park, how about a swim? Or may be a bike ride. Whatever your choice of exercise we are talking super healthy here… improving your breathing, stamina, increasing muscle tone, and energy levels… and releasing negative emotions and positive chemicals in the brain instead!
  3. It is healthy to eat! YUM! Eat the right things at the right times. So if you are planning on eating anything naughty – try a naughty but nice treat – dark chocolate, over milky or sugary snakes, carrot sticks dipped into homemade salsas instead of potatoes chips… still making sure you enjoy food of course! Eating when you are hungry is important, not just when your eyes want the food – but when your tummy does!
  4. It is healthy to balance! Not standing on one leg all day – although this can be great for motor skills and balancing your body into a state of Yin and Yang! But, balance in the sense of having the right amount of time working, then playing, then eating, then resting, then spending time with others, then spending time with just you… not in that order obviously! But you get the picture… the point is a sixteen hour day at the computer is not healthy, so mix your world up a little in a good way.
  5. It is healthy to progress! So move on! When it comes to a healthy state of being, it goes hand in hand with happiness… and that happiness thing we strive for so very much, is aided by a sense of progression… so mark today’s World Health Day as a point you can start a new project or hobby and commit to it weekly or monthly – and see your progress on World Health Day 2015 in one year’s time.

So here are some ideas that can help you be healthier today… but there are lots more! Just like anything, feeling healthier can lead to acting healthier and then being healthier… and that lovely cycle swings back around to you feeling healthier again! Happy World Health Day 2014.

Easter illustration of therapist

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    Hello therapists! Winter is well and truly bedded in now – after such a long and glorious summer it’s been hard to let go of the sunshine but the chilly nights are the perfect excuse to wrap up warm, curl your hands around a comforting mug of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine while the wind blows outside. There’s a brand new issue out in the New Year, packed with indispensable business advice from our industry experts, as well as lots of health, nutrition and beauty articles to dive into. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at HTM!

    We wanted to share this lovely email that we received last week from a happy reader… this is what makes what we do worth while, it was the very reason Jayson Firmager created HTM in 2010… thank you to Mary and to you all!!


    Dear Editor,
    I am writing to say just how much I enjoy reading Holistic Therapist Magazine. I find the magazine`s overall approach relaxed, inclusive, and very current. The articles are so informative and interesting compared to another Therapist magazine I subscribe to, and the topics are truly beneficial for us therapists who need support and guidance in this wide, diverse, and sometimes confusing, sphere of ‘Holistic’ therapy. Each contributor strongly shows just how committed and expert they are in their field, and I have found practically every article has prompted me to think deeper and differently about my area, which can only take me forward.
    I hope to see your magazine to from strength to strength, and look forward to my next issue.
    Kindest wishes, and a big thank you to everybody involved!

    HTM cover issue 8

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    A wall I miss Her - Holistic Therapist magazine

    HTM would like to warmly welcome Amy Schofield as new appointed editor. Previous editor, Jordan Martin will not be missed! – As she is remaining with the team in her new role as Online Editor and PR Manager.

    Amy brings a wealth of experience, and her role was effective from October 2013, readers will have a chance to meet Amy via the magazine in January. The new editor will also be writing an introduction on the HTM blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

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    “Camexpo is THE practitioner and therapist event of the year.”  So says top women’s health nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville about the UK’s biggest event for complementary and integrated healthcare professionals – camexpo, which returns for its 11th edition on 5-6 October at Earls Court, London.

    A keen support and regular speaker at camexpo for almost ten years – Dr Glenville is known for attracting standing-room-only crowds.  Indeed, such is her popularity with camexpo audiences that she is the only speaker to be hosting two Keynotes (‘Natural solutions to digestive problems and IBS’ and ‘Fat around the middle: Central Adiposity – why is it such a health risk?’) over the weekend show.

    “It’s a privilege to be invited back [to camexpo] again this year,” says Dr Glenville, the former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine.  “For two full days everything is under one roof – offering practitioners and students access to top quality seminars, workshops, and a wealth of supplement and natural product companies.”

    Another speaker looking forward to returning to the Keynote stage is best-selling author, nutritionist, and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Patrick Holford.  Unable to attend last year’s camexpo, he’ll be back with a highly-anticipated bang for 2013 – discussing “cutting edge genetic discoveries that makes the process of losing weight and staying young much easier” in ‘Weight loss – what really works?’ on Sunday 6 October.

    “What’s great about camexpo is that you quickly get up to date with the current trends and developments in natural healing,” says Holford.

    With 75% of 2012’s visitors citing keeping-up-to-date as their number one reason for attending, camexpo’s exceptional CPD-accredited training and education programme has certainly proved a big annual draw.  Renowned for providing dynamic, inspiration-packed content from some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry, this year’s line-up includes 22 free Keynote Seminars (in two Revital-sponsored theatres).

    New speakers for 2013 include:

    ·        Professor Ingvar Bjarnason – lead gastroenterologist at London’s King’s College Hospital

    ·        Miguel Toribio-Mateas – chairman of BANT and clinical director of The Optimum Health Clinic

    ·        Penelope Quest – bestselling author of Reiki for Life, Self-Healing with Reiki, and The Reiki Manual

    ·        Henrietta Norton – co-founder of Wild Nutrition

    ·        CAM Coach Mark Shields – founder of The Life Practice Group

    ·        Dr Jane Buckle – creator of the ‘M’ Technique (a method of gentle, structured touch suitable for those with special needs or dementia)

    ·        Naturopath Andrea Jacobs – presenting exclusive findings from new clinical research into inflammatory health treatment regimes

    “camexpo is an important date in my diary as it is a chance to meet practitioners from all over the country and catch up on latest developments in an industry very close to my heart,” says neurologist and nutritional consultant Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, who previously appeared at camexpo in 2010.

    Perhaps best known for developing the GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) nutritional protocol, Dr Campbell-McBride’s 2013 Keynote will focus on ‘Autoimmune disease in children and adults’.  Outlining why she believes that autoimmune conditions, including diabetes type one, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, interstitial cystitis, nephropathy, and lupus, are becoming more common (over 200 conditions have been identified to date), she’ll discuss what causes these conditions, and how they can be prevented and reversed.

    Having dedicated the past few years of his career to the research and support of individuals with auto-immune conditions, Nutri-Link’s head of technical services Antony Haynes will also be offering his views (backed by case histories) on a ‘Route to Resolution’ from auto-immune conditions. (Haynes and Dr Campbell-McBride will both be appearing on Saturday 5 October at 11.35am and 12.40pm respectively.)

    “The audience at camexpo is always a fantastic one,” says Haynes.  “I’m so looking forward to presenting a sequel, as it were, to the auto-immune conditions that I talked about last year, but this time a year on.”

    According to Haynes, these conditions are the cause of nearly a third of the world’s illnesses requiring long-term medical treatment.  Describing what some of his patients have done in detail, to achieve freedom from their conditions (which include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and sarcoidosis), he aims “to show that there may be a complementary route for patients, to their existing medical treatment, and one that can prove to be extremely successful and life-changing”.

    Returning speakers include Elke Theuwissen, who’ll be presenting new research into how Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) shows benefits for bone and heart health; Dale Pinnock, who’ll be offering ‘Culinary approaches to cardiovascular disease management and protection’; Expectancy’s educational director Denise Tiran; ANH founder Dr Rob Verkerk; the CMA’s president Jayney Goddard; naturopath Daniel Baden; Outstanding Achievement Award winners (at camexpo 2011 and 2012) Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather from the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training; Margaret Coats and Hazel Russo, with the CNHC’s annual regulation update for professional practitioners; and Robert J Marshall – founder of Premier Research Labs (a leading US manufacturer of toxin free, living-source nutrition and cellular resonance products) – discussing ‘Firing up energy systems in the body’.

    “At Premier Research Labs we have long worked under the premise that if you have healthy bio-energetic and musculo-skeletal systems, you will have a solid foundation to get people to a point of optimal health,” explains Marshall, who believes that physical and cellular degeneration and reduced physical activity can age us prematurely.

    Focusing on bioenergetic systems in the body and mitochondrial health (mitochondria are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use), he’ll share insights on biophoton energy, cell frequency, and the impact of toxins and non-nutritive excipients (bulking agents or fillers) gained from over four decades of research and clinical experience.

    “I’m confident these [methods] have the ability to really transform how clinicians go about providing healthcare to their clients and patients,” he concludes.

    “The seminar speakers are always highly informed, passionate and inspiring – I’m looking forward to camexpo 2013!,” says Michelle Rodrigues from EARTH therapy, just one of thousands of practitioners, therapists, CAM students, and health store buyers  preparing to revisiting camexpo again this year.

    To register for a visitor pass to camexpo on 5-6 October at Earls Court, London (which includes entry to the Keynotes), please visit  (and use priority code camx599 to register for £6.50).

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    Dear Therapist,

    Woohoo! Jump for joy at the thought of this beautiful season… It’s summertime! I love the unpredictable nature of the British weather… the anticipation of sunshine is always accompanied by the same warmth in the smiles of people passing by. There is a unique vibrancy and soulfulness in the air and this positive energy is shared with the clouded skies of silver, because we all know that the sun will show itself soon enough.

    … And what better way to enjoy the random showers of sunshine than camping with your family (page 50). It is the perfect opportunity to visit a day spa or a retreat, and revitalise your body, mind, heart and soul… check out our great reviews this issue: Jan heads to the Homefield Grange (page 44), Yvonne visits Deer Lake Lodge (page 65), and Kate reviews facial reflexology (page 64). We have plenty more for you and your health as always.

    …But as you all know, Holistic Therapist Magazine is the industry’s number one business guide, and so we have heaps of advice and tips for you to continue to flourish in your business, and reinforce the industry as a whole, so that together we can share the benefits of holistic therapies and lifestyles!

    We revisit advertising with an article on writing effective flyers (page 24), as well as offering some words of wisdom from Louise Jensen (page 22) and Mark Shields (page 23).  From advertising advice, we head to Marketing on a Shoestring, expertly written by Rachel Fairweather (page 26). Jonathan Pollinger sheds more light on the world of social-networking, focusing this issue on the business website, LinkedIn (page 16)… And one of my favorite news pieces this issue has to be that written by Doctor Stephen Hopwood (page 13).

    Enjoy journeying through this issue of HTM, and remember I am just an email away on So if you have a product or book you’d like us to review, or an interesting story or case study please do contact me.

    Warmth and love this season

    Jordan x

    Managing Editor



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