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Quantum Facebook and Spiritual

Amanda Nelson shares her experience of asking the higher self and spirit for guidance in business.

As an inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer of new products I am often being told by others that what I am trying to achieve cannot be done. I’ve never yet had a failure though. If I can’t work it out, I deliberately tune into ‘Quantum Facebook’ and ask my higher self to help me find the ‘right’ higher soul to give me much needed inspiration or guidance on how to solve what seems irresolvable. I then wait to see what happens next.
Channelling Grand Masters and Celestial Guides is something that I’ve seen spiritual people do in a quest for spiritual illumination. A Channel goes into a deep mediation/trance and the Master or Guide then brings his or her wisdom through. The wisdom is often general and focussed on Spiritual matters and occasionally I’ve heard answers to philosophical questions if the master or Guide was open to answering them.
I don’t know of anyone other than me (get in touch if you do it) that sends out a call for assistance via my Higher Self for a specific person, alive or not in the Earthly sense, to step forward to help me solve Earthly challenges that I face. I suppose the nearest analogy would be that I send out a friend’s request via my Quantum Facebook.
Because I am a proficient Channel I’m lucky in that if anyone else’s Higher Self answers my call for help I can commune with them directly. I’m very grateful for the support I get; it’s worked in my favour more often than not.
On one occasion I called upon quantum facebooking when I was trying to work out how to get tiny sea salt crystals to suspend in glycerine soap without adding chemical matrix enhancers to my recipe. Why I had to do this is another story, but take it from me I just needed to do it.
My problem was that the crystals immediately sank to the bottom of the soap while the mixture was cooling and setting and ultimately this surface salt was causing liquid beading on the soap once it was exposed to the air, making the Glycerine soap unattractive and slimy. How, I asked via this higher self ‘friend request’, could I see my challenge differently and solve the puzzlement before tearing all my hair out!? Within seconds I was aware of 2 Masters that stepped forward keen to help, it was like having two eager school boys peaking excitedly over my shoulders to see what I was up to.
One introduced himself simply as ’Leonardo’ (I have to say he was very funny to Channel and he must’ve had a dark sense of humour when he was here on the planet) and the other was a dandy of a fellow called Gerard Faulkenaeu (self proclaimed Perfumer, Chemist and Alchemist). I have yet to look them up on the Internet but I’m pretty sure that they are out there documented somewhere.
Not only did Gerard help me with the salty problem but he graciously and generously gave me an essential oil blend to try which, alas, uses such old fashioned essential oils that I’ve not yet been able to source them all in order to attempt to trial the blend. I’d love to hear from a modern Perfumer or Aromatherapist that is also as keen as me to see what the blend creates. When I do finally source all the essential oils and manifest the blend who knows, perhaps it will turn out to be the recipe for one of the long lost but greatest perfumes of all time…or, it may turn out to be a disgusting boil ointment, that is the joy of it!
The bottom line is that Quantum Facebooking works, and if you have a specific problem to crack, and are a relatively good Channeller, you can network really well in the Quantum facebook field and resolve what seems irresolvable.
Oh, and did I manage to suspend the salt in the soap? Follow this link to www.authenticmermaid.com the soap is now on sale ). The soaps are divine (no pun intended) and yes, the answer (predominantly given by Leonardo) was so simple that you’d never believe it!

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How to watch the calorie count at Christmas

How to stay healthy over Christmas

  • By Kerry Torrens – Nutritional therapist

Wondering how you’re going to survive the holiday party season? Good Food nutritionist, Kerry Torrens shares her secrets for staying healthy over Christmas, avoiding overindulgence and beating the morning-after blues.

“My diet is pretty good most of the time, as you’d expect” says Kerry, “but the party season is tricky. Here are my strategies for coping with the overindulgence and late nights that are an inevitable but enjoyable part of the festive season.”

Cinnamon porridge with banana and berries

Everything starts with breakfast

If I’m going out in the evening, I’ll start the day with a generous bowl of porridge, topped with a handful of cranberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Porridge stabilises blood sugar levels, which helps control appetite later in the day. I also add a good dollop of probiotic yogurt, which helps boost immunity as well as combat some of the less beneficial effects of the party season, like too much alcohol and not enough sleep.

Breakfast ideas:

Glasses of water

Stay hydrated

On the day of a big night out, and the day after, I make a conscious effort to drink 6-8 glasses of water, or plenty of herbal teas or diluted juice. Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache and combined with the diuretic effects of alcohol makes maintaining your fluid intake so important. Regular teas and coffee count towards your fluid intake, but caffeinated versions shouldn’t make up your full quota. I sometimes struggle to drink enough when it’s cold, so I’ll take a full glass of water to bed with me at night and start the day with a second. I make sure I’ve drunk both before I have my breakfast.

Peanut butter and banana on toast

Sensible snacking

If I’m hungry when I arrive at a party, I struggle to resist the canapés, so I always have a pre-party snack. One of my favourites is a small pot of plain yogurt with a sliced banana. The yogurt’s protein slows stomach emptying, which helps delay the effects of that first glass of wine while the potassium-rich banana helps balance any increase in my salt intake – especially helpful if I’m going to be nibbling on olives, crisps or salted nuts. I know I’m better off eating before I go to a party because I’m more likely to stick to my resolve when the canapés come round a second or third time. Other snacks which do the trick include granary toast with nut butter, a bowl of muesli with milk, or a mug of chunky vegetable soup.

Pre-party snack ideas:

Sesame beef wraps

Back away from the buffet

Buffets can be a disaster zone – so I make sure I fill half my plate with salad and vegetables, and the rest with protein-based canapés like salmon and chicken. I take my time selecting and eating my food and I move away from the table as soon as my plate is full so I avoid non-stop grazing.

Canapés / buffet food:

Mulled apple juice

No more hangovers

Don’t be tempted to skip meals so you can stockpile calories for drinking. Alcohol only supplies empty calories, so avoiding proper meals to compensate for a booze splurge means you’re losing out on valuable nutrients, just when your body needs them to help it detoxify. I stick to one type of drink and I make it a lighter-coloured one because they tend to be lower in the chemical by-products that can worsen a hangover. I aim to have no more than one alcoholic drink an hour, alternated with juice, water or soft drinks – perfect if you don’t like holding an empty glass.

What to eat the next morning

My best ‘morning after’ breakfast is a frittata or omelette packed with veg. I love mushrooms for their energising B vitamins, tomatoes for vitamin C and onions for their liver-friendly sulphur compounds. If I have spinach to hand I’ll add a generous handful because it’s a great source of folate which helps my body repair DNA. Eggs are an excellent choice for the morning after because they provide choline, a nutrient that supports the liver. Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or a chopped chilli to boost circulation and rev up your recovery. If you can’t face a cooked breakfast then have a smoothie made with fruits like bananas, oranges or kiwi – these are rich in potassium which helps replenish the electrolytes lost due to the diuretic effects of alcohol.

Morning-after breakfast: 

Get back on track

After a big night out I don’t skip meals, even if I have over-indulged. After all, it’s the balance of your diet that’s important. I apply the 80:20 principle – eating healthily 80% of the time, which allows me the space for delicious treats at weekends and on special occasions.

Kerry Torrens is BBC Good Food magazine’s nutritional therapist

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yoga pose

You get all worked up! You don’t know how to wind down. Sooner or later the stress builds up and it’s down to you to find a way to vent it before it plays havoc with your hormones, your skin, your weight, your sleeping patterns, even your relationships. So many things to do with only twenty-four hours to them in! Well – that’s not strictly true, because we at HTM love our sleep and plan on devoting eight hours a day to slumber. And if my maths serves me correctly, that leaves just sixteen hours a day (and one thing crossed off of your to-do list!). That’s plenty of time for everything else… promise!

Remember that there is a difference between suffering from stress and feeling stressed. Quite often, beating stress means beating the cause of your stress. It can be as simple as having loans to do and not knowing where to start. We want to give you a few tips before that ‘feeling stressed’ feeling takes over. Remember too that before reading this post, that these are our tips to alleviate day-to-day stresses and strains, but if you are suffering from severe stress, with physical implications, please contact your GP or health/holistic professional!

SORT your thoughts and make a list. It’s a good starting point and satisfying ticking things off as you complete each task. The more you get done, the more soundly you will sleep. Manage your time and don’t always expect to have everything done by the end of one day – give yourself realistic targets in order to avoid further stress. Don’t make your just just another thing to complete on your list, allow it to help you sort and prioritize your tasks.

GIVE yourself time and a break! While your mind is worrying with all of the things that you have to do, it is all too easy to neglect YOU! Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and eat small nutritious snacks. Water is far more effective than coffee or energy drinks to stay alert and focussed. Water helps to keep your body functioning proper… you will feel better and look fresher too!

PLAN enough time if you’re rushing from one appointment to another – you can not control other drivers, traffic jams or public transport, but you can allocate enough journey time between appointments or bookings – especially if you are a mobile therapists – it is good to avoid the stress of having to telephone clients because you are going to be late – besides it is way more professional to turn up on time, if not a few minutes early.. so that you can give your clients the best service possible. If you are calm your clients will be too!

AS a therapists of holistic modalities you would advise your clients to take care of themselves… so listen to your own advice particularly if you have a big day coming up – either with lots of appointments or early bookings. Ensure you get some me-time, give yourself TLC – perhaps a relaxing lavender oil and perhaps a relaxing session of yoga.

ENOUGH is enough! You have to know when to stop and take some time out for relaxation. Take time to do something that you enjoy! So get lost in a best-seller, listen to your favourite songs, watch a comedy, phone a friend or just take time to meditate.

EXERCISE and channel all of that stressful energy and go for a jog, or dance class or long walk… try and include some lovely fresh air and scenic surroundings to remove that stress!


Try some of these reads available at Amazon:

  • 50 Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress by M.Sara Rosenthal
  • STress Busters by Prevention Health Books




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Km doing a handstand

Starting your own Yoga Practice: Knowing the known is nothing to know!

I had a plan, the ideal yoga nirvana space, a place for all bods and sods, no mirrors and no pressure. I wanted to be a yogic tour guide rather than teacher.

I wanted to be a part of a space where people came to be a part of a group of like-minded open people who felt relaxed and free. I wanted to guide and join them through the journey but that journey was always intended to be their own.

With a snappy name, modern logo and a catchy calling card phrase that described me –“It’s not just a hippy thing”, my yoga nirvana, my business “Moving Om” was born.

Websites, domain hire, room hire, insurance, accreditation, equipment, waivers, cold mornings, conflicting schedules and rebooked holidays. This was followed by business registration, logo registration, copyrights and social media plans.

Moving Om or rather the idea had created a whole set of problems for me as a person. In order to achieve my state of yoga nirvana, I realised I was running the risk of creating unrealistic expectations for my clients (or market) and my ability to share my vision.

How do I make money off it? If I was to be true to my vision, then it should be free, no paying customers just like-minded friends coming and going as they feel.

For me living up to the ideals and images that I believed as true, only to fail and be disappointed when it has not turned out the way I had so carefully planned is what a business is, you need to have a unique product and the ability to think on your feet and be humbled by the failures.


  • Work hard.
  • Stay humble.
  • Research!
  • Go out into your community and find out what the people around you want.
  • Be confident to sell yourself.
  • Be aware of your ideals being sold as a product.
  • Take time to watch similar ventures in similar settings.
  • Learn from your mistakes and learn quickly.
  • If you are passionate and if you are driven then you will fail with grace and rebuild.
Moving Om is based in Canberra, Australia.



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From the very beginning of HTM, one of our favourite things to do is giving readers opportunities to win wonderful prizes via our magazine… So whether these are to improve or aid your business, or your health, or are simply a nice prize for YOU, we take much pleasure in sharing great products and opportunities…

Here are the winners for our fantastic New Year issue competitions. Find out below if you’ve won: 

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil supplements 

  • Laura Surico
  • Tanya Moulding
  • Julie Warwick
  • Caroline Huckstepp

Slendier Pasta

  • Winner: Karen Phillips
  • Runnes up: Heather McCabe
  • Runner up: Joslyn Nair
  • Runner up: Gemma Hill

It is April 7th – and World Health Day…

The message of this year’s World Health Day is Small Bite – Big Threat: Highlighting the dangers of insect bites at home or when travelling!

Here are five other ways you can be a healthier you:

  1. It is healthy to smile! Why? Well, it feels good, it looks pretty, other people feel happy when you smile at them… and if you smile for a long enough time – not until your face aches – but a nice full genuine smile, well then you trick your brain in to thinking that you are feeling good – even if perhaps you are not having the best of days – And then you do begin to feel good!
  2. It is healthy to exercise! Of course it is! And now the weather is improving – get out and about! Share time with friends and family on a stroll, or head to the park, how about a swim? Or may be a bike ride. Whatever your choice of exercise we are talking super healthy here… improving your breathing, stamina, increasing muscle tone, and energy levels… and releasing negative emotions and positive chemicals in the brain instead!
  3. It is healthy to eat! YUM! Eat the right things at the right times. So if you are planning on eating anything naughty – try a naughty but nice treat – dark chocolate, over milky or sugary snakes, carrot sticks dipped into homemade salsas instead of potatoes chips… still making sure you enjoy food of course! Eating when you are hungry is important, not just when your eyes want the food – but when your tummy does!
  4. It is healthy to balance! Not standing on one leg all day – although this can be great for motor skills and balancing your body into a state of Yin and Yang! But, balance in the sense of having the right amount of time working, then playing, then eating, then resting, then spending time with others, then spending time with just you… not in that order obviously! But you get the picture… the point is a sixteen hour day at the computer is not healthy, so mix your world up a little in a good way.
  5. It is healthy to progress! So move on! When it comes to a healthy state of being, it goes hand in hand with happiness… and that happiness thing we strive for so very much, is aided by a sense of progression… so mark today’s World Health Day as a point you can start a new project or hobby and commit to it weekly or monthly – and see your progress on World Health Day 2015 in one year’s time.

So here are some ideas that can help you be healthier today… but there are lots more! Just like anything, feeling healthier can lead to acting healthier and then being healthier… and that lovely cycle swings back around to you feeling healthier again! Happy World Health Day 2014.

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Easter illustration of therapist

Not long until the next issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine is published… as always it will be full of business advice, industry news, opportunities and articles for your business and for you and your health.

To ensure you get your copy… head to the Subscribe page and choose the right subscription for you!

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Have you joined our Facebook page yet? Maybe you prefer Twitter – we would love to connect with you and continue to help each other strengthen this wonderful industry we work in.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and Happy Easter.

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Remember reading HTM is a great way to get some CPD in per quarter too… with heaps of advice and industry news and stories, HTM makes it fun to be apart of an already exciting industry.

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Hello therapists! Winter is well and truly bedded in now – after such a long and glorious summer it’s been hard to let go of the sunshine but the chilly nights are the perfect excuse to wrap up warm, curl your hands around a comforting mug of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine while the wind blows outside. There’s a brand new issue out in the New Year, packed with indispensable business advice from our industry experts, as well as lots of health, nutrition and beauty articles to dive into. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at HTM!

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We wanted to share this lovely email that we received last week from a happy reader… this is what makes what we do worth while, it was the very reason Jayson Firmager created HTM in 2010… thank you to Mary and to you all!!


Dear Editor,
I am writing to say just how much I enjoy reading Holistic Therapist Magazine. I find the magazine`s overall approach relaxed, inclusive, and very current. The articles are so informative and interesting compared to another Therapist magazine I subscribe to, and the topics are truly beneficial for us therapists who need support and guidance in this wide, diverse, and sometimes confusing, sphere of ‘Holistic’ therapy. Each contributor strongly shows just how committed and expert they are in their field, and I have found practically every article has prompted me to think deeper and differently about my area, which can only take me forward.
I hope to see your magazine to from strength to strength, and look forward to my next issue.
Kindest wishes, and a big thank you to everybody involved!