The latest issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine

The latest issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine

Hello again, Well, here we are at the start of a new decade. It’s a time when everything around us seems to mired in confusion, disinformation and negativity. We have ecological disasters, politicians from every party who serve only themselves, business uncertainty, precarious democracies, rising levels of violence, unwarranted entitlement and social divisiveness. It’s not really how we want the world to be. So how are we to cope with this increasingly dystopian environment? Are we just to sit back and accept that the world is a pretty grim place for most people? No. I don’t think so. Most holistic therapists I know trained and set up their businesses because they wanted to help other people enjoy better health and a better quality of life, because they cared. Really, cared about people and the planet and felt part of a bigger picture –a planet-wide ecosystem that was accepting of different values and beliefs. What we need is to find a kinder way of living and being.
A way of living that respects and cares for other people and the species we share the planet with. It’s about treading lightly, being mindful of the resources we are consuming and finding greener alternatives. Being kinder to ourselves, our friends, families and clients. A new decade brings change. People change the way they think, drop old modes of being and move towards achieving new goals. What our clients want, how they think and who they are will change. Lifestyle diseases and resource allocation will continue to dominate the health agenda.

We’ll face challenges from allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, we’ll face individuals and vested interests who are out to discredit holistic health and wellbeing and others who use people’s desire to feel healthier to take advantage, selling false hope and false cures. We’ll face campaigns of disinformation, opinion disguised as fact and, increasingly, fake products. It’s clear that we will need to recognise that health and wellbeing is politicised and that we will need to speak for ourselves through our member associations and through evidence-based proven benefits. We need to regain a sense of positivity and to recognise that holistic therapy offers an effective form of helping people to become better, to return to health and to put the brakes on the rise of lifestyle diseases. What the world needs is a holistic therapist!Love, Alison and everyone at Holistic Therapist x

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