5 Ways to Love Your Self First

5 Ways to Love Your Self First

Always there for others? Willing to help anybody? To share and to love ? Well, love starts with YOU first… remember to love and be kind to yourself and it will be a lot easier to do these things for others…

  1. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual – so you can take those minutes waking up slowly, opening your eyes to the sound of the rain out side or the sun light flooding in through your window.
  2. Exercise – as Holistic Professionals you will already be aware that it is proven that exercise on a regular basis makes people happier – it allows for ‘me’ time too. Okay… so what will it be? Yoga? Climbing? Football? Netball? Running? Cycling? Dancing?
  3. Switch all of the electronics off – no Facebook, no mobile, no computer, no television… and read a book! Enjoy a trashy novel, a self help read, or you could put your feet up and read the latest copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine.
  4. You are the therapist right? Well, why not take some time to enjoy the therapies of others, or spend a few hours at a spa or have a treatment at a salon. You could, as an alternative treat yourself to some lovely new organic products and do a home spa.
  5. Say nice things to yourself… it is so easy to criticise ourselves – our efforts, our appearance – constantly feeding our brain with hate – or not-love! So love yourself with kind words.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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