Did you know the definition of an entrepreneur is someone who jumps of a cliff and builds a plane on the way down? I read this a while back and it’s so true!

If you don’t chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them.

Hello, I’m Jayson, Managing Director and brainchild of Holistic Therapist Magazine.
Holistic Therapist magazine was created with the mindset if helping students and practitioners turn their passions into something they can ‘truly’ make a living from.

Let’s face it; most practitioners are passionate creative people, like artist’s musicians and writers they just want to do what they love. However, most practitioners struggle with the business aspect of practice.
They also also need to make a good living right?
In 2011 I had a vision to help students practitioners do just that!

I wanted to create a magazine that therapists would ‘want’ to read, not one they feel they had to because its industry. A magazine that helps students and practitioners with their businesses in an un-intimidating manner that would be enjoyable to read and leave the reader inspired, motivated and rearing to go.

A magazine that is about the practitioner, and ‘their’ health! While giving great advice from the industries top experts to help therapist realise their dreams and turn their passions into a successful business.

Breaking the traditional trade mould, Holistic Therapist Magazine is quirky, illustrated, and vibrant and gives the reader that great feeling they get while reading their favourite consumer title (except it is trade!)

Jam packed with great business advice therapists case studies, product reviews, industry news, immersing tends, factoids, competitions and so much more.
We also decided to break the traditional ‘trade’ magazine format and wrapped it all up in visually stunning covers, created outstanding design with beautiful imagery that will make you want to pour a drink, put your feet up and get ready to be inspired.

Welcome to Holistic therapist magazine.

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