Ahh, Goals Schmoals!

Ahh, Goals Schmoals!

“What’s the point of setting goals and making resolutions if you fail anyway?”

I’ve heard this said so often and usually taken it with a pinch of salt, except this year was different. I was forced to rethink that pinch of salt, as I found myself saying, “So much for my new year’s resolution for last year!”

Very specific, or overly ambitious resolutions (not the same as business goals or targets) may get forgotten after a few weeks or end up tying you in without room for change and creativity. I had been very clear, however, about simply setting a direction I wanted to move in rather than having goals. My aim for last year was very lovely and very lofty. I wanted to bring more joy and light-heartedness into the lives of the people I meet.

WOW! You may say. Does it get any better than that? That’s really up there with the best isn’t it?

However, you may also have heard it said that we teach what we most need to learn ourselves. I hadn’t especially intended to ‘teach’ people how to be more joyous and light-hearted, but there were definite aspirations to a certain ‘potency’ that I may have felt I could carry.

And BOY did I get that one wrong? There was one MAJOR component missing. I forgot to bring joy and light-heartedness into my own life first!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to pity a little, those people who think they need to be giving, but not receiving. A few do play the martyr a little, but most are simply unused to the idea that you need to fill your own jug with water before you can pour some out to quench anybody else’s thirst. It never dawned on me that I too might be ‘guilty’ of this way of behaving.

It’s so often the discreetly hidden beliefs or attitudes that trip you up and stop you from achieving what you most want and need. Bringing them out into the light of day is a major part of the journey to overcome those blocks and obstacles. Some coaches refer to it as ‘Naming and Shaming’. It’s much easier to work out how to tackle an issue when you know what the core of the problem is.

Were there any goals or intentions you fell short of last year? Are there any unsupportive beliefs or attitudes that get in your way? Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you didn’t manage to fulfil all your goals or resolutions. Just ask yourself what inner changes you would need to make that could really help you to keep growing and moving forward in your life and business.

I wish you all a productive and prosperous new year, whatever that may mean for you.

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