Anti-age with Meditation


Anti-age with Meditation

This week the BBC included an article on their website about meditation and its positive effects on aging – or more accurately put ‘anti-aging’… Something holistic therapists have known for a long time.

If we look at the effects of stress on the body and mind, then it is easy to see how being completely accepting, at ‘one’ and in-tune, calm etc – and all the other things that meditation develops, that these things are going to have a positive effect on mind-states, physical conditions and life in general.

People often get intimidated by the word ‘meditation’, let alone the concept of trying to actually meditate – especially in this fast paced momentum that we are used to on a daily basis. But meditation is progressive, and it is also personal. It is not necessarily about completely clearing your mind of thoughts – after all that is a pretty hard task.

Sandy Newbigging has a fantastic way of sharing the benefits of meditation in the modern world, and has a great book called Mind Calm, which, with his warm tone and simple approach proves that everybody can be at peace and change their relationship with their mind. as far as the results, well you will find out for yourself.

Another brilliant person in the industry is Jayney Goddard, who uses, and shares the benefits of alternative medicine, therapies and lifestyle choices in order to remain youthful… and she is proof in the pudding because she looks wonderful.

So the BBC article is extensive, reporting on the research, and studies that prove that meditation has an anti-aging effect – And as always people seem to require these rat studies, or longitudinal studies, or data, stats etc to prove anything, particularly that of an alternative nature – But nature is exactly what it is all about, going back to the simplicity of sitting silently without the technology, the noise, the worry…  and just comfortable being.

What do you think of the article? 

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