Author - Jason Firmager

Inspirational Mainstream Music

Music is amazing isn’t it? It has such positive… and sometimes negative effects on us. It can conjure so much emotion, memories and more… and it can really inspire too … as therapists you will probably have your own personal tastes as well as music that is more generically relaxing for clients to listen to during practice, or therapy sessions. Here are some mainstream songs that are uplifting and will get you ready for the rest of the week at [...]


Flyers that will FLOP!

MISTAKES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR FLYER MARKETING CAMPAIGN A FLOP… Contrary to the popular image of flyer printing being a poor quality alternative to a ‘proper marketing campaign’, it can actually bring you hugely positive results. Think about it: everyone’s talking about how digital marketing is the way to go these days, but how many social media posts or emails from random companies do you even take the time to read? But if a flyer drops through your door, you’ll need [...]


Busting 10 Myths Around Pre- and Postnatal Fitness and Yoga

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there for pregnant and postnatal mums. Here, birth and yoga expert Rozy Kalliabetsos and fitness and yoga teacher Kate Coulson tell it like it is. Pregnancy Myths It is important to be fit when you are pregnant Yes, but birth fitness is different. Being ‘fit’ to give birth involves training body and mind to soften and open, so we can let go during labour. That’s why pregnancy yoga is more helpful than exercise that [...]