Pregnancy and Yoga

Pregnancy and Yoga

I am now in the home stretch of my second pregnancy 31 weeks pregnant and well in my third trimester. All my re found energy and zest from the second trimester is slowly beginning to fade. I am starting to feel very heavy and super tired this is why it surprised me that when presented with all the excuses not to attend my first yoga session with Lynn Murphy. I still get up and go; the morning is horrible in fact it’s the first time the heaters have been on for five months: it is raining, very cold and grey. In addition to the rubbish weather I also have a temperature and flu so feeling very sorry for myself but I still dragged myself off to yoga. Considering the amount of cakes I eat and the fact that I have not really done any exercise for nine months, I feel that gentle yoga is the way forward.

 Lynn’s classes take place in the active birth centre, the room is very inviting and warm with all the mats laid out nicely and she makes every mum-to-be feel at easy and special. The class was gentle but very appropriate – every part of the body was stretched and tension relieved and I felt a deep connection between me and baby. It was definitely the best way to start my week.

Week 39 and I cannot believe that I will be meeting my baby any day now. I am super excited, it has not been an easy ride – lots of emotional challenges but I feel blessed and very positive, although not as emotional or physically prepared as I was with Carter, I can still happily say Come on baby no 2 and I also feel that meeting and working with Lynn over the last six weeks has given me the extra boost and confidence I need going into Labour. I have enjoyed every yoga class I have been with Lynn, she is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her classes to any mum to be. A few things I love about Lynn’s classes:

Love the way she sits with the class together at the end of each yoga session to discuss any concerns or topic of interest  the class has, whilst enjoying  tea and delicious biscuit (something I have never experienced in other yoga centres and I have been to a few)

Love that she was more than a practitioner; felt like a caring relative, giving me and other members of the class tailored and well studied advice.

Love that you get more than your money’s worth: each class last for two hours unlike other pregnancy yoga class that charge more and only last an hour or an hour and the half

Love that the active birth centre solely dedicates itself to pre and post natal women a little haven for us mums to relax.

Love that she recognised I had SPD and adapted every position to suit my needs and also recommended the Active birth centre Osteopathy to me.

Love the massage sessions in pairs

Lynn also specialises in post baby yoga and baby  massages both of which I hope to experience after baby.

Till next time xx


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