Repeat Business

Repeat Business

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Holistic Therapist Magazine has a regular news article on ways that you can gain repeat business as a practicing professional.  Here are a few extras that are not included in Issue 1, but that are perfect for the first few months of the year to encourage your customers to keep coming back… 

In January share vouchers: This can be anything from a free treatment bolted on to a paid treatment, to discount off a course of treatments.  Most people find January challenging, as they have had to step back on the fast track of life and work, after a festive break with family.  This thoughtful gift can lift spirits, encourage them to focus on their wellbeing and at the same time create loyalty from them hence return business.

In February spread romance: Provide a gift for visitors on February 14th.  This could be organic chocolate or a rose scented candle, anything that could add a touch of romance into somebody’s life.  If you tell your January clients that if they book in advance for Valentine’s Day, they will get a free gift then they have plenty of time to book for themselves, or for a friend.  It is advised to take advantage of the New Year sales, as late January will be an expensive time to shop for any appropriate romantic gifts.

In March celebrate Mums: There are some super Mother’s Day ideas in Issue 1 of the magazine.  You can also do a simple offer for this special occasion… if a client books their next treatment in advance then you can offer them a half price gift voucher for their mother or mother-in-laws.  This way you are securing two follow-up visits.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Not sure if I’m allowed to “advertise” but my low cost booking system ( includes the ability to text out to your clients with marketing offers, so rather than sending out physical offers in the post, you can send out a ‘voucher’ via text. This works particularly well if you have having a slow day/week for bookings and you can offer “half price for this week/day only on presentation of this text message”

    Thanks, here’s to helping your business be more successful 😀


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