From one extreme to the other

A Typical case from my Homeopathic Practice. A Mother brought her 15 month old baby girl in to see me because of the ‘barking’ cough she had on and off from the age of 3 months. She was ‘off colour’ whining and clingy, only sleeping about two hours at a time then waking up coughing and angry. She had had a few courses of antibiotics with little or no effect. In Homeopathy we want to know more about the symptoms in [...]


The Health, Wealth and Happiness Show

 Would you like better health, increased wealth and more happiness in your life?   Let’s face it – who wouldn’t? Learning to appreciate the things you have is an extremely important skill, but it is equally important to continually strive to be the best version of yourself. Whether that is achieved by pursuing career goals, taking better care of your health, or simply vowing to squeeze every last drop out of life, self-actualisation is a powerful need that burns brightly in [...]