Colourful Moods

colour moods

Colourful Moods

Have you ever witnessed a rainbow? Then you are certain to recall that stop. And look. And smile… feeling you got staring at the misty multi-coloured magic, against the backdrop of murky grey storm clouds, whilst raindrops still shimmered on your windscreen.  Anyone who has seen this natural, yet fleeting phenomenon will understand how colour impacts our spirit and lifts our mood. Colour, much like music and scent, has the power to connect with us on an emotional level. Even subtle changes to our ‘colour-life’ can bring about the most wonderfully positive outcomes to how we feel in any situation.

By infusing your life with colour you are inviting sunshine into everyday. Introduce colour into your home, into your wardrobe, into your workspace, into your diet and slowly reap the reward.

Making an impact: Colour has to be right, and in the right doses. A lack of colour can make life feel a little bland, but too much can cause distraction, and almost induce a migraine. Use the power of colour in the right places to calm and soothe, or motivate and enthuse.

Colour inspirations… Think about the power of colour to get you started.  Imagine the warmth exuded by the red of a robin redbreast in the midst of an icy winter. Think about the colours of nature, and the burst of green to mark the start of springtime. Think about how you feel when you cover yourself with a red blanket. Now imagine the blanket is blue. Do you still feel as warm?

Living space: We all like to be surrounded by items that make us feel good, and a creating a home or work environment using the right colours will help enhance the functionality of the space you are using. A bedroom or treatment room will feel a relaxing retreat with light, warm colours, such as lavender or pale yellow, whereas an office space would benefit from white to aide clear thinking. A brightly coloured kitchen-diner or children’s play area is inviting, and welcomes guests and customers to stay, whereas a similar office environment may prove too distracting. A well-chosen painting would inject colour-life into an office.

Your wardrobe: If you feel like infusing your wardrobe with a bold colour statement, but feel overwhelmed, then try some bright accessories. A scarf or handbag in a seasonal shade will instantly lift your mood, without moving too far out of your colour-comfort-zone. An orange umbrella will brighten any rainy day (and you’re less likely to leave it on the Underground). Baby-pink lifts most skin tones for when you feel a bit pale. Selecting blue will help you feel confident and in control at an interview, but don’t need to step out like a Smurf to feel the benefit! Try navy combined with a pastel tone.

Your plate: Imagine a jewelled salad of caremelised peppers on a bed of deep green leaves or the rich orange colour of carrot soup infused with ginger? A smaller portion of something bright, nutritious and delicious is more satisfying on the eye and the palate than a larger portion of a less healthy meal. Introduce colours into your diet and you will feel more nourished, energised, as well as giving your waistline and immune system an extra boost.

And when all else fails… Maybe you are not yet ready to fully embrace colour, but at least take the time to appreciate the colour around you…

  • Buy a bunch of bright tulips and place them somewhere central. Watch how they open to greet the sun.
  • Take time to catch an occasional sunrise or a sunset (even when it’s infused with a little tequila in the company of good friends!)
  • Visit an old medieval church and marvel at the way the light floods through the stained glass windows and brings the colours and the building to life.
  • Enhance your colour-experience by combining your chosen hue with scent or music to gain maximum sensory benefit.

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