Louise Jensen joins HTM

Louise Jensen joins HTM

Hi.  My name’s Louise Jensen and I am the proprietor of Balancing Health Holistic Therapies.

I originally became a therapist after years of witnessing my son suffer from allergies.  Despite numerous visits to the doctor, orthodox medicine at best alleviated his symptoms for a period.  One day, in desperation, I decided to try a different approach and booked an appointment with an Allergy Clinic I found in the Yellow Pages and here discovered kinesiology testing.  Initially I was quite sceptical and annoyed I had parted with a large sum of money for someone to press my son’s arm while carrying out a vast array of, quite frankly, weird looking tests.  However I was blown away when by the time of his next appointment a month later, his symptoms were virtually gone.  Being an all or nothing type of gal, I promptly enrolled at the Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy and became a Practitioner.

Although I loved the principals I had been taught I felt there were lots of gaps in the system so after much research I took the plunge and embarked upon a Diploma in Classical Kinesiology, incorporating Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Clinical Medicine and Counselling.  This was closely followed by a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

I was by now working three days in a clinic achieving great success but never feeling I had enough knowledge.  I became a complete course junkie and my thirst for learning was only rivalled by my quest for credibility.  Every course I undertook had to have some scientific reasoning behind it and my reputation was important to me.  I was constantly searching for answers but never stopped to ask myself what the question was.  There was a void inside me that I was trying to fill academically.

In truth I had forgotten to just …. Be.  The awareness we are all born with had been lost, buried beneath the piles of my life and there it stayed until I had a car accident and in seconds everything changed.

Spinal and pelvic injuries ensured that I would never be the same again.  My local hospital told me there was nothing I could do and I should take up knitting to keep my mind occupied.  My therapy business was put on hold as I couldn’t stand without crutches and needed a wheelchair to get around outside.  I relentlessly google searched for anything I thought could help me and found a treatment I thought might be the answer.  I was crushed when my consultant said it wasn’t offered on the NHS. Refusing to give up I found an NHS hospital 70 miles away who agreed to treat me as long as I sourced weekly physiotherapy sessions and exercised for 20 minutes every day.  I spent the first two years unable to stand unaided but now I can and also move around for short distances.

I never lost hope of being able to go back to the job I loved but a few months ago, for personal reasons, I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave my village and move to a new town, effectively leaving behind any clients who may have come back to me.

Being in constant pain very nearly redefined who I thought I was but daily meditation practice has made me realise I am more than my disability.  Sure, my body has changed but the essence of who I am remains. I felt depressed when I looked at the past and what I had lost, anxious when I looked to the future, as I didn’t, and still don’t know how complete my recovery will be.  For my peace of mind I have to live in the Now.  I realised I don’t need to constantly strive for other people to validate me.  I am enough just as I am.  After trying a variety of therapies I no longer look for the plausibility in everything.  Some things just are, and need no explanation.

I am now a Mind Detox Method Practitioner (devised by Sandy Newbigging).  I signed up after hearing Sandy publicly speak and thought it would be beneficial for my own self-development.  However, I was left feeling so empowered I decided to restart my practice so I could offer this treatment to others.

As I still cannot stand for long I have bought a stool to go with my couch, kitted out a therapy room and am ready to re-launch my business.  Although I deal with physical problems and high pain levels on a daily basis I feel more at peace with myself than I have ever before and believe this will enhance my work as a therapist.  Please join me on my journey.  It will be an awesome adventure filled with love 🙂


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Really inspiring lady.