Editor’s Verdict: Issue 2’s Products

Editor’s Verdict: Issue 2’s Products

For the Professional Pix feature in Issue 2, the three judges got to try three more products of my choice, and the fun bit is that I get to try them too!  Here is what I thought about them…

Thanks to contributors Karen Watkins, and Tracey Woodward, who are our permanent judges, and thank you to Louise Glover, who was our guest therapist judge for issue 2.

See my verdicts below and my out-of-five star ratings:

Manuka Honey Bar, Energy   3.5* [three and a half stars]

£1.79 http://www.comvita.co.uk

I wish I wasn’t about to type this… too late – I’m a chocolate lover!  There, I wrote it.  I have weened myself off the lovely brown stuff recently, but whilst I sit here typing, I am salivating at the thought of a bar of gorgeous chocolate.  The point I am trying to make is that I am not really good with ‘bars’ of any other nature… so I am ashamed to say I held an instant prejudice against the honey trap.  I found the taste quite strong, and so ate a small piece at a time… I really did feel the boost in energy from just a small amount.  I grabbed the rest of my bar one morning rushing my son to school ( Mondays, we are always cutting it fine – I don’t believe in alarm clocks you see!), the rest of the bar nourished me as a filling morning snack… didn’t have time for breakfast before I left.  I like the nutty textures of the bar, and once I got used to the none-chocolate taste, the honey was certainly sweet enough.

Frownies Facial Patches 5* [five stars]

£18.50 http://www.frownies.co.uk

Right, these little patches look a bit like flesh-coloured plasters [I usually wear plasters with pictures on, hence the detailed description].  I look youthful’ish for somebody approaching their thirty-second birthday, and like other parents have at some stage suffered a continuous nights of sleep deprivation. So if I’ve had enough sleep I look smooth’ish, but if I’m tired, squinting in the sunshine, or concentrating in front of my laptop, or reading a book – I frown.. you know that frown mark that looks like the number eleven, the one that laughs at your reflection in the  morning – that’s the one!  So my place of choice for this product was smack between the eyebrows in a bid to wipe the creasing grin off the number eleven.  The patch stops me from frowning, and so it avoids me from making my faint frown mark deeper.  I have worn these to bed [not too attractive – but better than tit-tape, which is what I used to wear across my forehead in a bid to reduce the eleven in the past].  These patches are easy to use, and to remove.  Something I failed to do one morning, as I accidentally left it on when signing for a parcel, so my patch was in full view of the postman… he probably thought it was a plaster.  I love these, I believe they work, they certainly make me stop frowning when I’m wearing them!

Sacred Sounds CD 4* [four stars]

£13 (+ P&P), http://www.loveisthekey.co.uk

I first listened to this CD with my son – he is nearly four.  We relaxed on the rug, with crossed legs and closed our eyes.  I liked the bold sounds, and he was still and calm for a while.  Even if you are not a regular meditator [I’m not, but I am trying to do more of], then it is calming music to have on when you are doing something practical, where you can switch off your mind – like washing up, or even some types off therapeutic work.  It’s probably not a good idea to listen to this CD if you are driving or need to stay alert, as it does have a trance quality to the combination of sounds.

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