Go for a run with your makeup on

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Go for a run with your makeup on

A part of balancing your work and home life is allocating time for fitness; you may not be an Olympic athlete performing to thousands of spectators, but when it comes to appearance, we all love to look camera ready. The obstacle that most of us run into is wearing makeup during a workout whilst avoiding a sweaty face meltdown.

There are a few very simple tricks to applying stay-proof makeup, and the first is ‘less is more’. Sport’s makeup should be incredibly minimalistic, imagine if you turned up to Wimbledon to see the competitors sporting dark smoky eyes and vibrant red lips – it just wouldn’t fit the feel.  As you’ll be fully aware, sport endorses health; therefore sport’s makeup should be all about the glow of inner health and happiness.

Sport the look:

  • Opt for the most natural skin, focusing makeup only on the areas that need it. It is extremely important that any makeup used on the skin is a fine layer, pressed into the skin with the heat of your fingers, to ensure that it doesn’t sit on the surface and slide about. Remember, the more makeup you place on top of each other, the more it slips and slides.
  • Start with a serum foundation primer, this preps the skin like a canvas, allowing for smooth application and a lengthy stay. Massage this into your skin as you would a moisturizer. I would use this serum in place of moisturizer, and use moisturizer the night before your workout, game or match.
  • Next take a small amount of non-comodegenic waterproof foundation, like bareMinerals, and buff it into the areas of skin that need evening out in tone – do not try to cover blemishes at this stage. Ensure you have clean hands, and pat them over the skin that you have placed makeup on to allow it to sink in.
  • Use waterproof concealer like derma-colour and a fine tipped makeup brush to dot over blemishes. Set with translucent powder.
  • Sweep bronzer over the points of your face that the sun naturally hits: your cheeks, forehead; bridge of your nose; chin, and neck. Your neck is very important because the sun often casts shadow here making it appear paler than the rest of your body.
  • Pop blush onto the high points of your cheekbones, blend over the apples of your cheeks. This should look like inner glow, a similar shade to when you run, if it looks too bright when you first apply it, dull it down by buffing a small amount of foundation over it.
  • Prime your eyelids with bareMinerals eye primer, and leave them shadow free. Pop mascara onto your top lashes only – lower lashes tend to melt under heat, however if you do opt for lower lashes, ensure you are using waterproof mascara.
  • Apply a tinted balm similar to the shade of your natural lip colour to your lips.
  • Finally, to give your makeup extra staying power, and sprits a makeup fixing spray over your face.

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