Jayson firmager

Jayson is the Managing Director and creator of Holistic Therapist Magazine, ‘The industries NO.1 business magazine’ for holistic therapists.

A qualified practitioner in several modalities, Jayson is the perfect mediator for the Awards Panel.

David Balen

David is Managing Director of Balens, one of the largest Independent Insurance Brokerage Firms for Health and Well-being Professionals in the UK and the ROI and a 3rd generation Family business. A trustee of 3 Charities, David regularly lectures and writes journal articles.


Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health.  She is the Former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine and the author of a number of internationally bestselling books including ‘Natural Solutions to the Menopause’ and ‘Osteoporosis – how to prevent, treat and reverse it’ or go to www.marilynglenville.com. Dr Glenville runs a number of clinics in London (Harley Street), Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Ireland. For more in depth information look on Marilyn’s website www.marilynglenville.com. She can be contacted on 01892 515905 or by email: health@marilynglenville.com.


Liz Badger, Dip, BSc, MSc. Owner of Face The World Ltd, author and creator of the UK Volunteer Therapists Hub. Liz joins the panel with her wealth of business experience, including founding an award-winning UK training school and formulation of the ethical skin care brand, Face The World. She now owns the patent for choreographed massage and has revolutionised facial massage with her multi-sensory, musically-choreographed Signature Facial. To experience a mini virtual facial, visit her website or contact Liz on 0845 544 1555 or liz@face-the-world.co.uk.

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