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Current Issue

Holistic Therapist Magazine is the first and only UK publication that offers a balance of business and industry features, with content for the therapists themselves. It caters for the desires and requirements of practising and studying holistic professionals.  The current issue is packed full of articles on business, lifestyle and industry news designed for holistic professionals.

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Editor’s Letter

In nature, spring is the season of new starts and new growth. Shoots poke out from the earth in search of sunlight and warmth. All around us, things are coming back to life after a cold and wet winter. Even I’m considering shedding my jumpers and furry boots for something slightly less
Holistic businesses often follow this seasonal pattern, ebbing and flowing throughout the year.  Clients re-emerge once their credit cards have recovered from the festive season and they look ahead to brighter days and better health. Now’s the time to think about your business, what it means to you and how you can fulfil your potential.
In this issue, we’ve been thinking a lot about success, from how to define it, to how to achieve it. Like so many things in life, success is personal. We may not envy or even understand what drives the stressed out investment banker or stockbroker, working an 18 hour day to clock up outrageous bonuses, yet having little time to enjoy life. We may occasional indulge in daydreams that offer a glimpse of a different experience of success – perhaps a more glamorous life, strutting down the red carpet at the premier of our latest film, dazzling in gems and couture, but true success comes from understanding and accepting who you are and simply being the best you – whether that’s in business or in life – that you can be.
As usual, we’ve rounded up some of the industry’s best regarded experts to help you be as
successful as you choose. You’ll find some great marketing ideas, research to help you capitalise on the lucrative market for older customers and even some help to stop you procrastinating.  Some of your fellow holistic therapists share the secrets of their success, there are new ideas and techniques to try and some fascinating people share their stories.
So here’s our latest issue. It’s your springboard to success!
Have a great spring
Love Alison
Managing Editor