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Current Issue

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Issue 21

Editor’s Letter

Most of us will make resolutions at this time of year, promising ourselves that we’ll be better, fitter, healthier, happier people, have better relationships and build our businesses; all while looking like supermodels, being kind and living a meaningful life. We put ourselves under pressure, set unrealistic goals and then beat ourselves up when we inevitably fail. Most dieters fall by the wayside by January 8th, while gyms are a lot emptier at the end of January than the start.
There is a better way, and that’s to make small changes on a regular basis. Whether these are in your business or personal life, small changes can make a big difference. They are much easier to stick to and have a huge cumulative impact. So that’s what we’re looking at in this issue. You’ll find lots of advice on how to make small changes in your business to become more successful, whether it’s breaking bad habits, taking a portfolio approach to your career, getting your company in the media, harnessing consumer trends or using awareness days to help market your business. You’ll also find some brilliant recipes you can make at work, met our Holistic Business Award winners and learn more from other holistic therapists about how they have changed to lead the lives they want to lead.
As we’ve been preparing this issue, I’ve been taking some of our own advice. Our Small Changes… Big Differences feature on page 57 prompted me to check over my direct debits. I got a substantial and very welcome refund on several year’s membership of a car breakdown membership that hadn’t been cancelled by the company. A few minutes work, yet a significant financial boost.
I’m going to leave you with another small change that’s making a big difference – our new Border Collie pup, Breagh. She’s adorable, helping me improve my fitness levels and she’s even doing a little work on the magazine – if running off and chewing my notes counts!

Love Alison

Managing Editor