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Holistic Therapist Magazine Issue 27

It’s very rarely I find myself annoyed, but the other day when reading a blog entry from a GP on a medical magazine’s website, I found myself using several words that would disappoint my mother.

This doctor had a patient with terminal bowel cancer, who had been transferred to a hospice. The hospice’s therapy co-ordinator had written for his approval to provide his patient with reflexology during their final few weeks. His  response combined ignorance, smugness and a stunning lack of compassion. It also provided me with a timely reminder of the problem that holistic therapists face from some members of the medical fraternity.

After complaining about his burden of paperwork, he wrote that he had refused permission for his patient to be treated, citing quackery, adding that as he did not know about the treatment it was undoubtedly mumbo-jumbo and somehow suggesting that the hospice felt that reflexology would cure bowel cancer.

Naturally, the hospice’s letter implied no such thing and the treatment was simply meant to provide comfort and relaxation to a cancer-stricken person. In refusing, he withheld a possible source of comfort to someone who was dying. His beliefs, based in a lack of awareness, were somehow more important than those of the patient, who really didn’t matter to him in the least. He simply considered the symptom, rather than his patient’s  needs and desires.

Had that GP been more bothered about seeking out evidence, he’d had found an increasing body of published work on the way holistic therapies can help improve chronic, lifestyle and mental health conditions as well as improving wellbeing.

It also shows why we need initiatives that help establish credibility with the medical and scientific community. We have to become part of it and to speak their language. It’s up to each of us to do what we can. That’s why you’ll find a feature on getting involved in scientific research studies in this issue and we’ll be looking at this in more depth next time.

Anyway, now that i’ve stopped turning the air blue, I should mention that this issue is packed with interesting and useful features, You’ll find lots of guidance on how to grab success by both hands, how to take recognise and take advantages of opportunities, how to start blogging successfully and even how to fund product development using crowdfunding. There are features on unusual essential oils, how to de-stress, the best books and new products and interviews with some amazing and inspiring people. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.

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