What makes women feel confident?


What makes women feel confident?

It is so important that women feel confident about themselves… Why? Well because our confidence has a direct or indirect effect on all other areas of our lives – whether it is our professional, home, as a mother, or within a relationship.

With this in mind HTM, asked a group of mothers of school-aged children, (the women’s ages varied from 25-45), what it is that makes them feel confident.

So using this info – we have put together a list of five top things that you can do as a women to inject some well deserved confidence back into your life:

  1. Have some me time! This is so important – making you and everybody around you realize that you are not just a mother, a businesswomen, a wife, a friend… but you are a person that has needs and desires just like the next. This time alone will give you your spark back. So whether it is a hot shower, relaxing bath or time on your yoga mat – check in on yourself and you’ll have the confidence to continuing with all other areas of your life.
  2. Go on a ladies’ night out! Grab your best buddies and go for a meal, or a dance, or even to the cinema… the dressing up and doing something separate from your routine will help you balance your life and make you ooze even more confidence.
  3. Get a cut and blow dry! A popular choice for women, in feeling confident is to have their hair done, so have a restyle, or even a trim, or cut and blow-dry. This pampering, is followed by looking and feeling great – and even if you do not get around to applying make-up, a great new hairstyle paired with some lovely sunglasses can make you look and feel out of this world.
  4. Pretty knickers are a must! It turns out that from the women asked about confidence that topping their list was nice underwear. If they buy new undies, or wear something lacy or sexy they feel really confident, even if they haven’t managed to wear a nice outfit. Some said it not only makes them feel good throughout the day, but it adds confidence within their romantic relationships with their partners too, which can be a challenge when balancing children, housework and business.
  5. Have a dinner party! Some of you may think that this sounds like more hard work. But it is a great excuse to have friends over, switch off from your working week, and routine and to dress up – maybe with a theme to the party. The reason women said that dinner parties made them feel confident is because they like to have positive feedback about their cooking, or their hosting skills, as well as the social element that the parties bring.

You could also, join a gym, get exercising, go for a walk, buy a bike, go on a course and learn something new, read positive or uplifting books, or do something that you always wanted to do but never got around to it! Have fun being a confident women!

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