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    Issue 25 – Jan/Feb/March

    Welcome to our first issue of 2018!

    Last year was quite a strange and depressing year for many people, with worrying global geo-politics, economic uncertainty, rife high profile sexual harassment and a series of natural and man-made disasters. Undoubtedly, this has an impact on our collective health and well-being, but we need to look forward to a brighter personal and professional future. Our destiny is in our own hands.

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    Issue 26 – Apr/ May/ Jun 2018

    Welcome to the spring issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine. One of my favourite things about creating the magazine is how each issue evolves and changes shape from our starting point coming up with themes and concepts, working out what should go into the magazine, all the way through to when it goes to the printers and eventually drops through your letterbox.

    When we started this issue, the underlying theme was Flourish, but it turned out to be about something much more than that. Yes, we have some brilliant articles, sound advice and new ideas to help you build your business and make the most of your life. Yes, we have the latest research and guidance from some of the leading practicioners and experts available. Yes, we have personal insights, new products and some interesting reading, but we have so much more than that.

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    Issue 27 – Jul/ Aug/ Sept 2018

    It’s very rarely I find myself annoyed, but the other day when reading a blog entry from a GP on a medical magazine’s website, I found myself using several words that would disappoint my mother. This doctor had a patient with terminal bowel cancer, who had been transferred to a hospice. The hospice’s therapy co-ordinator had written for his approval to provide his patient with reflexology during their final few weeks. His response combined ignorance, smugness and a stunning lack of compassion. It also provided me with a timely reminder of the problem that holistic therapists face from some members of the medical fraternity.


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    Issue 28 – Oct/Nov/Dec 2018

    Someone asked me the other day when I was first introduced to holistic health and wellbeing. I had to think a bit, because my family weren’t the type of people who went to spas, meditated or practiced the Alexander Technique. After a few moments, I realised that I had actually been introduced to several holistic ideas before I even started school.

    I remember being stung by a nettle and my aunt showing me how to find a dock leaf and how to use it to relieve pain. A few years later, I can recollect her explaining that about half our family had a very high pain threshold and could think pain away. She taught me to mentally travel down my veins or arteries and visualise the pain disappearing. In retrospect, I think she also knew a fair amount of child psychology, but it’s still a technique I use today.