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  • Holistic Therapist Magazine - Issue 29
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    Issue 29 – Jan/Feb/Mar 2019

    I can hardly believe that it’s 2019 already. We’re almost a fifth of the way through this century despite the fact that it seems to have started about 15 minutes ago. I’d love to say that everything is rosy, but 2019 looks like being a challenging year for many of us.

    As I’m writing this in early December, Brexit appears to be unravelling and it’s unclear what the eventual impact or outcome will be. Scaremongering is rife, with tabloid features on potential shortages of medicines and food supplies. While some of these are trivial – the world will not end if we can’t find quinoa for a few weeks – others may have an impact on holistic therapists. It’s time to review where your supplies come from and if any might be jeopardised. We’ve tried to provide an indication of where a little prudent forward planning may pay off.