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Editors Letter

Hello again,

Sometimes we treat our businesses as if they were static entities. We set them up, deliver our services and keep on doing so, week in and week out. After a while, things stagnate. That’s not to say that we don’t find them fulfilling or fun, but it can also mean that we’ve stopped progressing or fail to reach our potential. There’s a danger that we can get so settled in particular ways of doing things that we forget to look beyond our immediate sphere and see what’s going on in the market as a whole.

That’s why this issue is packed with new ideas for revitalising your business, so you can live the life you want.

You’ll find practical advice on how to get involved with mainstream medical providers and schools, though most opportunities are still voluntary. We’ have a great guide to what’s new in the industry. This encompasses market information, emerging therapies, consumer needs and lots more. You’ll find out how to profit from the market for stress-related services, how to create a compelling customer journey, how to improve your clinical outcomes by harnessing the placebo effect and how to work out what’s holding you back from being more successful.

Re-evaluating and revitalising is a process we should all go through every now and again, not only in business, but also in other aspects of our lives. In my case, it’s been focussed on emptying my wardrobes and consigning piles of clothes that don’t work for me anymore to my local charity shop, I had packed wardrobes but nothing to wear, simply because my wardrobe didn’t match my current lifestyle. I don’t really need 17 long dresses. I can probably get by with fewer than 150 pairs of shoes. Some things merit space because they are beautiful, some because they look great and some because they work well for me. But, as any number of bin bags prove, sometimes we need to re-evaluate if something still has a place in our lives.

It’s a cathartic process. It’s about tweaking your business or any other aspect of your life to see what still works, what’s past its best, what needs to be replaced and what can be rediscovered. That way, we have space for new ideas, new therapies or new customers.

Why not pour yourself a drink, grab a deckchair or a rug and read this issue in the garden or under a tree in the park? After all, summer’s a time for taking it easy, just a little!


Alison and everyone at Holistic Therapist Magazine.



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