Issue 30 – Apr/May/Jun 2019

Issue 30 – Apr/May/Jun 2019


I can hardly believe that it’s 2019 already. We’re almost a fifth of the way through this century despite the fact that it seems to have started about 15 minutes ago. I’d love to say that everything is rosy, but 2019 looks like being a challenging year for many of us.

As I’m writing this in early December, Brexit appears to be unravelling and it’s unclear what the eventual impact or outcome will be. Scaremongering is rife, with tabloid features on potential shortages of medicines and food supplies. While some of these are trivial – the world will not end if we can’t find quinoa for a few weeks – others may have an impact on holistic therapists. It’s time to review where your supplies come from and if any might be jeopardised. We’ve tried to provide an indication of where a little prudent forward planning may pay off.

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Welcome to our thirtieth issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine!

Our theme for this issue is Connect, which seemed rather ironic when our servers were attacked at the end of last year, leaving us with no connection to the wider world at all. We had to rebuild
our websites and track down years’ worth of contacts and get back in touch with so many people. Luckily, we pulled together as a team and long hours were spent trying to rebuild what we had
lost. We were very fortunate in the overwhelming support we were offered by our community, from advertisers and contributors to our readers. We’d like to thank you all.

Although it was a pretty devastating experience, it really brought home the value of being able to connect and how essential this skill is to any business. That’s why you’ll find features in this issue that focus on how to build a stronger connection with your customers, building rapport through NLP techniques, how to connect with a global audience, how to create a strong first impression, get the most out of your website and local media and so much more.

The CNHC have shared the outcome of the UK government’s review of integrative medicine and it’s clear that holistic healthcare is becoming a global battleground, with some regions promoting
a more traditional person-centred approach to health and wellbeing, while some countries are severely restricting the right to practice. It’s an issue that will be of increasing concern to us all.

The holistic world is one, which, by its very nature, is both broad and inclusive. There’s always a new idea or a new approach, so you’ll also find features on Sound Healing, an aromatherapist with an old-fashioned approach and even some Giant Monkey Frog poison.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Alison and Everyone at Holistic Therapist x

Managing Editor


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