Issue 35 – Jul/Aug/Sep 2020

Issue 35 – Jul/Aug/Sep 2020


Well, here we are at the start of a new decade. It’s a time when everything around us seems to mired in confusion, disinformation and negativity. We have ecological disasters, politicians from every party who serve only themselves, business uncertainty, precarious democracies, rising levels of violence, unwarranted entitlement and social divisiveness. It’s not really how we want the world to be. So how are we to cope with this increasingly dystopian environment? Are we just to sit back and accept that the world is a pretty grim place for most people? No. I don’t think so. Most holistic therapists I know trained and set up their businesses because they wanted to help other people enjoy better health and a better quality of life, because they cared. Really, cared about people and the planet and felt part of a bigger picture –a planet-wide ecosystem that was accepting of different values and beliefs. What we need is to find a kinder way of living and being.

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Hello again

As I write this, lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, albeit at different rates across the UK. Non-essential shops are scheduled to reopen, though it may be a while before gyms, spas and holistic therapists are given the green light.

It would be easy to suggest that all you have to do is flip the closed sign over to open and it’s business as usual, but in reality the coming months may prove even more difficult than the lockdown period for many of us.

Things have changed. People have changed. We have changed.

Even though your business may be small, it is about to be buffeted by rapidly evolving global economic problems and a psychological shift in the minds of many consumers. Your own priorities may have changed too.

We’ve seen an outpouring of community spirit and surveys showing that people have returned to simple pleasures, reducing their expenditure on things like entertainment and fast fashion in favour of cooking from scratch, crafts, reading and simply being outdoors. We’ve also seen a period of hatred, polarisation, division and the politicisation of a pandemic.

We are set to experience much higher levels of unemployment as the furlough and business support schemes wind down. Some of our clients will no longer be able to afford our services just at a time when we are facing a potential mental wellbeing crisis, compounded by increased levels of obesity, lifestyle diseases and health issues which have been cast aside while the focus has been, quite rightly, on COVID-19. This virus may be tiny – only be a fraction of a micron across – but it will continue to have a huge impact on our society, our economy and our individual lives for years to come.

How will this impact your business? I really wish we could provide an encouraging forecasts for every single holistic therapist, but it will depend on how you and your business deal with the changes as they happen and how you find a way to thrive in the new normal.

We can’t wave a magic wand, sprinkle a few sparkles and promise you everything will be okay, but what we can do is to provide you with the best information available to help you be the best business you can be, to really understand what your clients are looking for and to live your best live.

Whatever happens next, we’re here for you.



Alison and everyone at Holistic Therapist Magazine

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