Issue 36 – Oct/Nov/Dec 2020

Issue 36 – Oct/Nov/Dec 2020


Well, here we are at the start of a new decade. It’s a time when everything around us seems to mired in confusion, disinformation and negativity. We have ecological disasters, politicians from every party who serve only themselves, business uncertainty, precarious democracies, rising levels of violence, unwarranted entitlement and social divisiveness. It’s not really how we want the world to be. So how are we to cope with this increasingly dystopian environment? Are we just to sit back and accept that the world is a pretty grim place for most people? No. I don’t think so. Most holistic therapists I know trained and set up their businesses because they wanted to help other people enjoy better health and a better quality of life, because they cared. Really, cared about people and the planet and felt part of a bigger picture –a planet-wide ecosystem that was accepting of different values and beliefs. What we need is to find a kinder way of living and being.

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Hello again
Normally, I find my Editor’s letter easy to write, but I’ve started and abandoned this one about a
dozen times. One minute we’re getting back to normal and reopening even though some treatments
are different, the next, infection rates are climbing and the
country is a patchwork of local
lockdowns and different regulations. Even Christmas is in danger.
Every day, we’re bombarded with new figures, studies and statistics about rising unemployment, the
numbers of small firms in the hospitality and leisure sectors on the verge of closure, divisive politics
and rising global tensions. It’s difficult to keep track and easy to feel overwhelmed and afraid.
I’m one of those people who’s naturally optimistic, actively enjoys challenges and new situations.
Intellectually, figuring all this out is something I should relish,
but it’s so difficult to find a clear path
right now. Do we advise you to raise your
prices or keep them the same? Share how to attract the
next generation of clients, or explore how to reassure more reluctant client groups that it’s safe to
return to practice rooms

assuming that whatever regulations are in place this week in your area
permit that. We know that there’s a huge range of opinions and approaches throughout the
The question is this. As an industry, are we going to be able to be there for the people who need us?
Don’t think that the health implications of this pandemic are limited to those who have contracted
the virus. So many people have put off seeking treatment for other chronic diseases and pain
conditions. Others have gained weight which will have a long term impact on their health. So many
people have had their mental wellbeing adversely affected and the rise in anxiety and depression
rates is genuinely frightening.
They’ve been telling us that we’re all in the same boat, but some of us are better equipped to come
through this than others. Some will thrive, adapting easily, while others will muddle through.
It’s all about how we react to the changing situation, so the more knowledge we have, the better.
Whatever happens next, we’re here for you.
Alison and everyone at Holistic Therapist Magazine

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