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Why do people detox?

Most people still associate detox, fasting and colonics with old ideas about cleaning the colon of age-old mucous collected through a life of poor diet.

But since disproving these (motivating) stories, people still find enhanced energy, health and better digestion. How can this be?

There are very clear biological pathways that describe why fasting aids the health and regeneration of cells even more so than eating. And a part of this enhanced cellular growth is the elimination of the wastes. The more time we give the body to deal with these processes, the more efficient it will be.

This is exactly where the modern lifestyle and diet fails us, and where the fasting state wins.

Taking a break from the rigors of our stressful lives, brings a freshness to our mind – any holiday can do that but when you take solid food out of the mix as well, the relaxing effects are amplified and transferred to systems beyond the mind.

The digestive system gets a deep, well-earned rest, and in doing so, shed some of the intolerances that were due to constant work in the gut. Very quickly the stomach adjusts, and we almost never complaints about being hungry.

The immune system has a chance to catch up on its many house cleaning jobs, freeing up muscles and joints from their inherent crystalising load of acidic materials, making them much more fluid and flexible.

As an extension to this, the inflammatory system can start to unwind, alleviating painful conditions, and allowing proper blood flow to return to affected areas for repair.

Emotions, long held in check by the suppressive effects of heavy foods, can come bubbling back to the surface for evaluation, expression and healing. A special atmosphere of well-being and self-empathy is naturally created in which to process levels of the psyche not usually available to us.

These ‘symptoms’ of a well-held fasting state can be temporary, and of course, we cannot sustain a fast for long in our busy lives. But having gone through the process, we have also reset our palette, and been educated in how to better feed ourselves, so we can bring more of this lighter state of being into our daily lives. That is the real gift of what we bring to this work.

And you don’t have to fly abroad, incurring the stresses and prices of air travel. We are in north Devon, close to the sea, with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, etc…

People leave fully equipped with emotional tools to better handle their stress levels and relationships, along with a fully refreshed understanding and passion for better foods.

Once is enough for some people, and sets them on a whole new track, but most people adopt this great resource as a lifestyle choice to be repeated periodically, giving them the downtime assess their situations, and check in with themselves.

If you’re starting to lose energy, gain weight, feel your health slipping away, or could just do with a proper break from life, to catch up on sleep, and get some perspective, then you should come along. You’ll love it.

………..Check out the testimonial from Gaynor a recent guest!

Visit their website for prices, dates, and many articles on the subjects mentioned: www.suradetox.com


This week is National Apprenticeship Week (14th-18th March), and so we’re catching up with the current and former apprenticeships of the Omni Academy of Beauty in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, who are ‘rising to the top’.

Whilst apprenticeships have always been commonplace in hair salons, there has been significantly less uptake in beauty and holistic therapies over the past few decades. In part, this is because of the one-to-one nature of these therapies and in part is the result of the past unwillingness of salons to take on a member of staff who cannot yet work directly with clients. Over the past few years, changes to the educational landscape have triggered a growing number of both beauty and holistic apprentices being trained, both due to the Government ‘trailblazer’ apprenticeship initiative, which has seen the development of a hair & beauty apprenticeship, and also due to the increase in the age for compulsory education. As a result, apprenticeships are now seen as a viable alternative to traditional education, and according to Carolyne Cross, Founder of the Omni Academy of Beauty, is a positive and much-needed development for the industry.

So far, Omni has trained 19 apprentices since it started its apprenticeship programme two years ago including both Level 2 entry-level apprenticeships and Level 3 apprenticeships too. Apprentices and salons alike have really felt the benefit of working with a smaller training provider.

For anyone hoping to become an apprentice, there are two core options. Younger applicants of school-leaver age will be eligible to take a Level 2 apprenticeship, which focuses on basic beauty therapies and anatomy & physiology, at the same time providing hands-on experience of working in a salon. Alternatively a Level 3 apprenticeship includes a much more holistic approach to therapies, including Swedish Body, Indian Head, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy massage techniques, as well as giving students an understanding of Chakras and working in harmony with the body.

Carolyne Cross, owner-manager of Omni Academy of Beauty, said: “This year, the theme of National Apprenticeship week is ‘rising to the top’, showing how far an apprenticeship can take you. Historically, beauty and holistic therapies were not considered a viable choice for an apprenticeship, but now they have gained much-needed credibility, with lots of employers reaping the benefits. In fact, one of the comments we receive so often is how brilliant the apprenticeships are for combining theory and practical training, with the real-life salon environment, ensuring therapists come out with a sought-after and valuable skill-set for them and their employers.”

She continues “all of our apprentices have proved just how far you can get with an apprenticeship. Their own hard work and dedication, combined with support from Omni, means they are already excelling in the workplace. National Apprenticeship Week is a great opportunity to celebrate their achievements and to encourage more young people to consider an apprenticeship.”

Of the apprentices so far trained by Omni, the range of ways they are excelling beyond their apprenticeships is truly incredible. From working in established local salons to running their own businesses, the apprenticeships have been the launchpad for so much. For example, Christina Jacobs was one of Omni’s first apprentices two years ago. She was working as receptionist at a salon, but wanted to become a therapist. She started her Level 2 Beauty Therapy with Omni in January 2014 and was able to continue working in the same salon, Cloud Nine. Now aged 23, she is just completing her Level 3 apprenticeship including a number of holistic therapies.

Christina says “Working in a salon made me really want to become a therapist, but I couldn’t afford to give up working to take a full time course. For me, the best thing about an apprenticeship is that it gives you a theoretical and practical training course, delivered by highly-qualified tutors, but importantly, it also enables you to continue working and gaining experience in a real salon. This is something which is missing from other industry courses, unless the training school has its own public salon.”

Chloe Higginson on the other hand now runs her own business as a therapist, following her apprenticeship with Omni. She began her Level 2 apprenticeship in September 2014 and went on to complete Level 3 privately with Omni, while continuing to work in her salon.

Chloe says “My apprenticeship gave me a high-quality grounding in beauty and holistic therapies, but it also allowed me to fast-track my career by giving me an opportunity to gain experience within a business environment too. Now as a result, I have both the knowledge and experience to deliver treatments and am making a success of my own business.”

National Apprenticeship Week is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider community. This year’s National Apprenticeship week is all about ‘rising to the top’.

More information about apprenticeships, or about an apprenticeship with Omni Academy of Beauty, visit: http://www.omniacademyofbeauty.co.uk/apprenticeships

Quantum Facebook and Spiritual

Amanda Nelson shares her experience of asking the higher self and spirit for guidance in business.

As an inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer of new products I am often being told by others that what I am trying to achieve cannot be done. I’ve never yet had a failure though. If I can’t work it out, I deliberately tune into ‘Quantum Facebook’ and ask my higher self to help me find the ‘right’ higher soul to give me much needed inspiration or guidance on how to solve what seems irresolvable. I then wait to see what happens next.
Channelling Grand Masters and Celestial Guides is something that I’ve seen spiritual people do in a quest for spiritual illumination. A Channel goes into a deep mediation/trance and the Master or Guide then brings his or her wisdom through. The wisdom is often general and focussed on Spiritual matters and occasionally I’ve heard answers to philosophical questions if the master or Guide was open to answering them.
I don’t know of anyone other than me (get in touch if you do it) that sends out a call for assistance via my Higher Self for a specific person, alive or not in the Earthly sense, to step forward to help me solve Earthly challenges that I face. I suppose the nearest analogy would be that I send out a friend’s request via my Quantum Facebook.
Because I am a proficient Channel I’m lucky in that if anyone else’s Higher Self answers my call for help I can commune with them directly. I’m very grateful for the support I get; it’s worked in my favour more often than not.
On one occasion I called upon quantum facebooking when I was trying to work out how to get tiny sea salt crystals to suspend in glycerine soap without adding chemical matrix enhancers to my recipe. Why I had to do this is another story, but take it from me I just needed to do it.
My problem was that the crystals immediately sank to the bottom of the soap while the mixture was cooling and setting and ultimately this surface salt was causing liquid beading on the soap once it was exposed to the air, making the Glycerine soap unattractive and slimy. How, I asked via this higher self ‘friend request’, could I see my challenge differently and solve the puzzlement before tearing all my hair out!? Within seconds I was aware of 2 Masters that stepped forward keen to help, it was like having two eager school boys peaking excitedly over my shoulders to see what I was up to.
One introduced himself simply as ’Leonardo’ (I have to say he was very funny to Channel and he must’ve had a dark sense of humour when he was here on the planet) and the other was a dandy of a fellow called Gerard Faulkenaeu (self proclaimed Perfumer, Chemist and Alchemist). I have yet to look them up on the Internet but I’m pretty sure that they are out there documented somewhere.
Not only did Gerard help me with the salty problem but he graciously and generously gave me an essential oil blend to try which, alas, uses such old fashioned essential oils that I’ve not yet been able to source them all in order to attempt to trial the blend. I’d love to hear from a modern Perfumer or Aromatherapist that is also as keen as me to see what the blend creates. When I do finally source all the essential oils and manifest the blend who knows, perhaps it will turn out to be the recipe for one of the long lost but greatest perfumes of all time…or, it may turn out to be a disgusting boil ointment, that is the joy of it!
The bottom line is that Quantum Facebooking works, and if you have a specific problem to crack, and are a relatively good Channeller, you can network really well in the Quantum facebook field and resolve what seems irresolvable.
Oh, and did I manage to suspend the salt in the soap? Follow this link to www.authenticmermaid.com the soap is now on sale ). The soaps are divine (no pun intended) and yes, the answer (predominantly given by Leonardo) was so simple that you’d never believe it!

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July always feels like it is smack in the middle of the British season of heat waves, the odd rainstorm and multi-coloured skies… It maybe as unpredictable as ever, but don’t let that stop you enjoying the great British summer. Here are five fun ways to get your outdoor exposure:

  1. Be at One: Visit the local nature reserve, climb a tree, read a book under a tree, or simply sit and be at one with the trees.
  2. Have Fun: Play a game of footy with your buddies, go to a playground and see how high you can fly on the swing, or jump as high as you can in the middle of a field.
  3. Walkies: If you don’t have a dog, then borrow one and take it for a stroll. Being around a furry pooch can make you feel great. Dogs are great for your health!
  4. Dare to Bare: Go swimming in the sea at your local beach, sunbath in the buff in your garden or on a roof patio… remember to apply protective lotion.
  5. Absorb the view: If your schedule is relentless and you really cannot spare the time to go far, simply fling open the windows and peer out over the sky or countryside – any view that is filled with nature will give you a boost of wellbeing.

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Km doing a handstand

Starting your own Yoga Practice: Knowing the known is nothing to know!

I had a plan, the ideal yoga nirvana space, a place for all bods and sods, no mirrors and no pressure. I wanted to be a yogic tour guide rather than teacher.

I wanted to be a part of a space where people came to be a part of a group of like-minded open people who felt relaxed and free. I wanted to guide and join them through the journey but that journey was always intended to be their own.

With a snappy name, modern logo and a catchy calling card phrase that described me –“It’s not just a hippy thing”, my yoga nirvana, my business “Moving Om” was born.

Websites, domain hire, room hire, insurance, accreditation, equipment, waivers, cold mornings, conflicting schedules and rebooked holidays. This was followed by business registration, logo registration, copyrights and social media plans.

Moving Om or rather the idea had created a whole set of problems for me as a person. In order to achieve my state of yoga nirvana, I realised I was running the risk of creating unrealistic expectations for my clients (or market) and my ability to share my vision.

How do I make money off it? If I was to be true to my vision, then it should be free, no paying customers just like-minded friends coming and going as they feel.

For me living up to the ideals and images that I believed as true, only to fail and be disappointed when it has not turned out the way I had so carefully planned is what a business is, you need to have a unique product and the ability to think on your feet and be humbled by the failures.


  • Work hard.
  • Stay humble.
  • Research!
  • Go out into your community and find out what the people around you want.
  • Be confident to sell yourself.
  • Be aware of your ideals being sold as a product.
  • Take time to watch similar ventures in similar settings.
  • Learn from your mistakes and learn quickly.
  • If you are passionate and if you are driven then you will fail with grace and rebuild.
Moving Om is based in Canberra, Australia.



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It is April 7th – and World Health Day…

The message of this year’s World Health Day is Small Bite – Big Threat: Highlighting the dangers of insect bites at home or when travelling!

Here are five other ways you can be a healthier you:

  1. It is healthy to smile! Why? Well, it feels good, it looks pretty, other people feel happy when you smile at them… and if you smile for a long enough time – not until your face aches – but a nice full genuine smile, well then you trick your brain in to thinking that you are feeling good – even if perhaps you are not having the best of days – And then you do begin to feel good!
  2. It is healthy to exercise! Of course it is! And now the weather is improving – get out and about! Share time with friends and family on a stroll, or head to the park, how about a swim? Or may be a bike ride. Whatever your choice of exercise we are talking super healthy here… improving your breathing, stamina, increasing muscle tone, and energy levels… and releasing negative emotions and positive chemicals in the brain instead!
  3. It is healthy to eat! YUM! Eat the right things at the right times. So if you are planning on eating anything naughty – try a naughty but nice treat – dark chocolate, over milky or sugary snakes, carrot sticks dipped into homemade salsas instead of potatoes chips… still making sure you enjoy food of course! Eating when you are hungry is important, not just when your eyes want the food – but when your tummy does!
  4. It is healthy to balance! Not standing on one leg all day – although this can be great for motor skills and balancing your body into a state of Yin and Yang! But, balance in the sense of having the right amount of time working, then playing, then eating, then resting, then spending time with others, then spending time with just you… not in that order obviously! But you get the picture… the point is a sixteen hour day at the computer is not healthy, so mix your world up a little in a good way.
  5. It is healthy to progress! So move on! When it comes to a healthy state of being, it goes hand in hand with happiness… and that happiness thing we strive for so very much, is aided by a sense of progression… so mark today’s World Health Day as a point you can start a new project or hobby and commit to it weekly or monthly – and see your progress on World Health Day 2015 in one year’s time.

So here are some ideas that can help you be healthier today… but there are lots more! Just like anything, feeling healthier can lead to acting healthier and then being healthier… and that lovely cycle swings back around to you feeling healthier again! Happy World Health Day 2014.

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Autistic society logo

What is Autism?

Autism is  a lifelong condition, and affects a person’s social and communication ability. The spectrum is very broad! You can read more on Autistica.org.uk, because today, April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day – maybe spend the time reading a little about the condition, or perhaps sharing thoughts or discussions with others, or even look into extending your expertise to cater for autistic clients.

If you are interested in therapies that can help autistic people then check out some of the titles at Singing Dragon.

Find out more on how you can raise money and/or awareness for Autism with The National Autistic Society.

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Easter illustration of therapist

Not long until the next issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine is published… as always it will be full of business advice, industry news, opportunities and articles for your business and for you and your health.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon and Happy Easter.

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The ‘truly revolutionary’ Liforme Yoga Mat’ took more than five years to create. Such was the level of intensive development employed by Liforme once they set to their task of ‘creating the best yoga mat ever made’. A growing army of renowned yoga teachers in the UK and the US (and elsewhere!) are now using the Liforme Yoga Mat and hailing it as the best they have ever used, with features that can make a real difference to everyone’s yoga practice, from absolute beginners to super-advanced.

This high-tech mat comes with the grippiest surface material ever used for a yoga mat (which remains grippy even when sweaty-wet!), it features the unique ‘AlignForMe’ set of intelligent markers on the surface which help keep the user in good form during their postures (improving efficiency of yoga practice and reducing injury), and comes with a range of other benefits too (more detail at liforme.com). On top of all of that, Liforme went to great lengths to ensure that all of this ‘function’ does not come at the cost of the environment (or the health of the user). No harmful substances used, and this is one of the greenest mats on the market too. Hooray!

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Twilight and Downton Abbey actress MyAnna Buring told the Daily Mail’s glossy magazine that Earthzest products helped her adult acne.  Earthzest is a micro-company...