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Where would you go to Thai Massage?

Liz Phelps trained in Cheltenham ‘Just go floppy for me Liz’ says my therapist, as I lie fully clothed on a futon on the floor – a little apprehensive as what’s about to happen to me. I’ve booked my first Thai massage. As the therapist started to work, a peace descended on me and as he gently moved round my body, rocking and stretching my limbs in a continual, fluid, almost dance-like way I was transported to another realm. Every [...]

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Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers

Functional Anatomy of Yoga is a rare gem. This book, released 31 July 2014, enables both the casual reader and the seasoned practitioner to understand and implement the anatomical structure and function of the body in yoga. Written with a conversational tone, the book delivers the complex subject of human anatomy in a way that is both provocative and clear. The underlying theme of the book is integration. David Keil outlines how yoga teachers and practitioners can utilize a deeper understanding of [...]

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Strength Training for Speed: Book Recommendation

HTM recommends expertly written Strength Training for Speed: Scientific Principles and Practical Application. This sport book, published by Lotus is available at Amazon, and is released 30 June 2014 Speed is integral to the successful performance of both individuals and teams in a host of diverse sports; and knowledge of the ways in which high-performance athletes train to develop this quality is highly sought after. Strength Training for Speed, released 30 June, is a one-stop resource for coaches and athletes looking to enhance sprinting [...]


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We know how much an email mailbox can get flooded with SPAM and JUNK, and this is not fun… constantly deleting messages that you may not have signed up for, or newsletters that no longer are relevant to you… Not to mention all of the other random stuff! For those readers who work with modalities that include having to have up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology… than you are likely to get something valuable from Yoga Anatomy’s newsletter – [...]