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Anxiety And Life Changes

When a change is occurring in your life, whether it’s one of nature’s changes, such as a new baby or the menopause, it can feel like a really big upheaval which pushes you out of your comfort zone into an area full of fear and uncertainty. Think about it – a new baby, for instance. It can be a very exciting time when you first find out ( if you are happy with the circumstances – if you’re not, then [...]


Is Social Media Adding To Your Anxitey?

Most of us these days are on at least platform of social media, where we write about how we’re feeling, vent our frustrations, post questions to our friends, and upload photos.  Some even go so far as to upload photos of their current meal!  It lets us feel connected to the outside world, and has done a lot to alleviate loneliness in people who may otherwise feel completely isolated. However, for all the positive aspects of connecting on social media [...]