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When it comes to business, you can have all of the right things in place, as well as the best service and wonderful treatments, but if nobody knows about your offerings how can you really be successful? So you need to spread the word of your business raising brand awareness in general, especially during times of promotions. Yes, it is perfectly fine to advertise in local publications or on relevant websites if you have had good return from these [...]

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Business and Friendship – not always a good partnership!

So going into business with your friends! In my opinion it is no breeze, and no laughing matter! In fact it can be quite the opposite – BUT ultimately it is your call… Obviously I am writing this to urge you to take heed! Believe me, take it from somebody who knows and who subsequently refuses point blank to persue any business ventures with friends. This is not to say that colleagues and clients do not become friends but [...]


Spring Issue OUT NOW!

The anticipation is over! The Spring issue has finally Sprung! Have you subscribed? Read on for Amy’s (editor) letter… Dear therapist, You can feel it in the air…the hope and renewal of spring, as we shrug off the cold, damp winter and emerge into the dawn of a new season of renewed success and fulfilment. Welcome to the spring issue of HTM.  This issue is practically vibrating with positivity and fresh ideas as we share the insights and wisdom of our holistic [...]