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Glitz Up Your Make Up

Beauty expert Emily Rose shows how you can add glamour to your daytime makeup, giving you the perfect sparkle for any after-work festive party Christmas really is my favorite time of the year, granted it’s a little on the chilly side, and I miss the summer sun and BBQs, but it’s so fun and glitzy. Personally, I think we are lucky to have seasons, it gets so cold during the winter that when, (if) the summer sun arrives we Brit’s [...]

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Go for a run with your makeup on

A part of balancing your work and home life is allocating time for fitness; you may not be an Olympic athlete performing to thousands of spectators, but when it comes to appearance, we all love to look camera ready. The obstacle that most of us run into is wearing makeup during a workout whilst avoiding a sweaty face meltdown. There are a few very simple tricks to applying stay-proof makeup, and the first is ‘less is more’. Sport’s makeup should [...]


Spring Chicken without Surgery

Trying to grow older gracefully in our world of knives and needles is a very difficult task indeed. I refuse to succumb to the barbaric nature of a nip here and a tuck there. Plastic surgery has a strong history, but nowadays the once-taboo subject is so accessible that with the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’ in mind, people as young as twenty are indulging in anti-aging solutions, not to mention the plethora of other treatments and procedures [...]