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5 Ways to Love Your Self First

Always there for others? Willing to help anybody? To share and to love ? Well, love starts with YOU first… remember to love and be kind to yourself and it will be a lot easier to do these things for others… Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual – so you can take those minutes waking up slowly, opening your eyes to the sound of the rain out side or the sun light flooding in through your window. Exercise [...]



It is well-known that modern times have sped up with modern technology and we are becoming more frazzled and time poor as a result, yet the minute still has 60 seconds; the hour 60 minutes; the year 12 months etc.  So in reality, we should be in control of time and therefore the following ‘Mini Monthly Human MOTs should help you regain a sense of control over your clock and assist in hitting the pause button without letting modern [...]