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Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method… What’s it all about?

There are so many alternative methods out there right? Which is great, because it means that as holistic professionals we are doing our job at spreading the word of the benefits of complimentary therapies… These have been developed based on tradition, on research, on experience and even on fads… and I am an honest lady, so here’s a truth, as a qualified yoga instructor and fitness instructor, when I first heard of Face Yoga, I was a little sceptical, [...]

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Words to keep us feeling positive…

No matter how positive your outlook on life, life is life, and stuff just happens, and it is natural to respond to these situations… accepting emotions and letting go are all great strategies… as you want to avoid having a not bothered attitude, as to say an apathetic approach to life and all it has to throw at you… Here are ten feel-good sayings for you to jot down and reading when you feel the need: We get what we focus on, [...]

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Karma-Karma-Come a Natural Karma Person

Okay so Karma really isn’t about collecting points – or even making ourself feel good – although those are bonuses to being an overall caring or good person. Some of us find it easier than others to do the karma-related actions… It is second-nature, and then there are some of us that would like to help out, or to be kinder, if only ‘I had the time’, ‘or the money’. Here are a few things that you can easier integrate into [...]


What makes women feel confident?

It is so important that women feel confident about themselves… Why? Well because our confidence has a direct or indirect effect on all other areas of our lives – whether it is our professional, home, as a mother, or within a relationship. With this in mind HTM, asked a group of mothers of school-aged children, (the women’s ages varied from 25-45), what it is that makes them feel confident. So using this info – we have put together a list of [...]