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How Can I Stay Motivated to Exercise Through the Winter?

Fitness enthusiasts make exercising look so easy. But deep down they know the kind of commitment that is necessary to push themselves. You’ll be surprised how much of inner drive it takes just to stick to a training schedule. When the colder months come around this becomes even more challenging. It’s actually easier to walk away and retreat into hibernation. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Here are some tips to help you beat those [...]

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Cool Video: Ten Holistic Health Tips

We came across this video on YouTube… and whilst as the guy quite openly admits, his advice is obvious (probably to those of the holistic world), that it is good to hear them. We at HTM think it is a great that a seemingly ordinary chap is sharing such valuable advice and is clearly making steps to improving his own life… The more individuals that take these paths the better for everybody. Have a listen, do you have experience of [...]