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10 Natural Beauty Tips for long-lasting make-up for a special occasion

Most special occasions are about the outfit – but your make-up is important too. Here are some tips from industry make-up artist, Kelli Waldock It’s a tired old saying but ‘get lots of beauty sleep’. The fresher your skin is without makeup, the fresher it will be with make-up on. Ensure you keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water, using a light natural moisturiser and by keeping your bedroom ventilated at nighttime. Some people like coconut oil to moisturise, [...]

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How Can I Avoid Indulgent Foods this Festive Season?

As the festive season draws near, you begin to dread the prospect of having to attend Christmas office parties, family get-togethers, and a host of generally over indulgent chow-downs. But you’re still committed to your schedule of carefully measured calories, exercising, and reasonably good and healthy eating habits. Or are you? The problem with overeating, or not, is it’s so easy to give in to temptation. Especially when the environment you’re in expects you to dance to the same familiar [...]

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Food at Work

Kristina Locke, MD of multi award-winning health food company, Conscious Food, shares  the key ingredient to eating at work… Just Chew It! According to a recent survey*, the average person spends just 23 minutes a day eating all three meals, so it is hardly surprising that 73% of us now suffer from some form of digestive difficulty; not to mention weight gain and malabsorption of nutrients. We need to reclaim our mealtimes and start eating more mindfully; savouring rather than [...]


How’s your New Year Health Plan Going?

So we all begin the New Year with an investment in gym membership, chucking out all of the festive food, and any new year booze, and we promise ourselves NO MORE! We all know that this shock tactic can lead to eating more, doing less and sneaking the odd pint of beer or glass of wine during the week… not to mention that gym membership not been used three times a week as planned! SO WHAT IS THE TRICK TO [...]


Natural Healing Holidays in Croatia

Natural healing, with the help of nature, has taken place on the beautiful and mysterious Croatian island of Mljet since the begining of time and it is now home to a new holistic and natural healing tourism programme called Natura-cura. This  natural therapy and wellbeing project is designed to repair and rejuvenate the mind, the body and the spirit, utilising natural healing principles and Mljet’s unique environment to sustain a wide range of nature-based physical and spiritual regeneration activities supported [...]