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Get fit for the Summer with 7 body weight exercises

Marc Dressen is a sports scientist, NLP coach, lifestyle coach and personal trainer – he shares his 7-exercise sequence perfect for getting fit quick this summer. HIIT is a style of exercise that involves intensive interval training, you can take a rest in-between your exercises or go straight to the next. These exercises use only your body weight… so ensure you wear suitable footwear and clothing. You can do these exercises after each other, or start by doing one each [...]


What will your January be like?

It is that time of year again, when Christmas is upon us, and we are all excited about festivities, food and fun… As a businessperson you may be looking forward to wrapping the year up with a big sparkly bow… but remember January is just a stone throw away, and we need to ensure as professionals that we are prepared for the New Year. January can be a strange month, with many people taking extended holidays or worrying about how [...]


The True Nature of Zen

Professional photographer Simon Hathaway had been living in South Korea for two and half years when he decided to mix his western modern mind with the eastern tradition of Zen, resulting in the art of lifestyle maintenance and finding one’s true self. Simon provides a brief introduction of the ancient practice The word Zen has, in recent years, made its way to the west where it can now be found in our everyday language, but do we know what Zen [...]