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How often have you felt that you’re being pulled in different directions by your own mind?  Part of you wants A and another part wants B.  The end result? Confusion! I had a lady come to see me recently who had bought a puppy.  She showed me a picture of a gorgeous (in my opinion!), really cute Labrador pup, with big brown eyes and a happy face.  Having chosen said puppy, brought him home, named him and bought him every [...]


Is Social Media Adding To Your Anxitey?

Most of us these days are on at least platform of social media, where we write about how we’re feeling, vent our frustrations, post questions to our friends, and upload photos.  Some even go so far as to upload photos of their current meal!  It lets us feel connected to the outside world, and has done a lot to alleviate loneliness in people who may otherwise feel completely isolated. However, for all the positive aspects of connecting on social media [...]