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Just being, in the shower – Mindfulness meditation practice in everyday life

How can we slow down, just for a few moments and make wise choices about looking after ourselves? How do we top up our reserves? Practising mindfulness meditation can help when demands are high and our reserves are low. The essence of mindfulness is a compassionate acceptance of things being as they are at this very moment. This is not easy. Things may not be as we want them to be and it can be quite scary to feel [...]

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CPD 2016: Yoga Nidra Review

Last week HTM shared with the website readers that the Yoga Nidra Network has revised the online Foundation course, and as we are sharing as much CPD inspiration as possible in 2016 for all Holistic Professionals, we thought it would be a great opportunity to find out more about the practice of Yoga Nidra and how it can benefit you personally as well as in your profession. So before you read any further know that you can actually do the first [...]

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Yoga Nidra Network Revise Online Course

Yoga Nidra translates into Yoga Sleep, and it is essentially a type of guided meditation that can help to relax, gain insight, increase productivity, improve sleep and develop self knowledge. There are a few different styles, and it is all about what suits you or your client best. And there is heaps of info on the  Yoga Nidra Network, and so we headed to the website to find out more… and we discovered that Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli have [...]


New Year New You… and it’s back to the basics!

Every year is the same isn’t it? Christmas is done and dusted after the mass of preparation, and then the New Year hits, and then literally overnight we are all looking for that fresh start, that cleansing or the detoxing… This is probably because even for the healthy or mindful amongst us, the festive season is one of indulgence, and this can effect our weight, sleep quality, and skin… So for the New Year New You, it is time to [...]