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Happy Chinese New Year

Hi all… Online Editor – Jordan here… how are you going with your New Year resolutions? For the most of us – the New Year seems like a distant memory – the eve of, having been filled with festivities, fun, family and friends… January can often bring on a glumness – a kind of post holiday blues – but if you care to look on the bright side, which HTM always encourages, you will see another, very clear opportunity for [...]


Ahh, Goals Schmoals!

“What’s the point of setting goals and making resolutions if you fail anyway?” I’ve heard this said so often and usually taken it with a pinch of salt, except this year was different. I was forced to rethink that pinch of salt, as I found myself saying, “So much for my new year’s resolution for last year!” Very specific, or overly ambitious resolutions (not the same as business goals or targets) may get forgotten after a few weeks or end up tying [...]


New Year New You

So what are your New Year’s resolutions?  Maybe you don’t do the resolution thing!  There is no denying that the start of a fresh New Year is the perfect time to reflect about your life as a whole – business, personal, and health… but with so much to think about after the festive food, fun, and family frolics – where do you start?  Issue 1 of HTM has plenty for you to get started with when it comes to [...]