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sleep well


When I am invited to do a consultation for a family I take much care in balancing the energy of their child’s/children’s bedroom. When children suffer from a restless sleep, the whole family is affected, especially the parents. I align the bed to the child’s date of birth and ensure that the colours in the bedroom are also supportive for the child. I have to check to see that there is no invisible or visible negative energy in the room [...]

Priya Kitchen feng shui

Design your Kitchen using Feng Shui principles

When the feng shui of your kitchen is balanced the whole family benefits.  It represents the heart of the home, pumping nourishment to all the occupants.  Nourishment in turn represents both health and wealth for the family. Location & Direction of Kitchen – Of course we do not always have control over where the kitchen is located in our home.  However, in the northern hemisphere the east and southeast are good locations to have your kitchen.  The kitchen is best [...]

feng shui for living

Think before you build

Nowadays, as prices of properties are fluctuating all too rapidly many people are deciding to stay in their homes until things settle, rather than moving.  However, as the family grows it becomes necessary to increase the space in the home.  Thus, an increasing amount of people are building extensions and conservatories at the back of their homes to extend their living space. In the practice of feng shui every part of the property represents a different family member, aspect, organ [...]