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Product Review – Purple Balance

As many of you already know, balancing personal athletic and performance goals whilst maintaining a commitment to a diet that is ethical, sustainable, and wholesome, can be somewhat of a difficult task. My own training goals mean that I have to maintain a relatively high protein intake, but during the month of September I made a commitment to my body and my planet to up my intake of protein from plant based sources, limiting my consumption of protein from [...]

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Raw Choc Recipe

Raw Chocolate Truffles: These easy-to-make little raw chocolaty snacks are packed full of nutrition; containing good fats, coconut fat, bee pollen, nuts, and greens, which all give you super charged power and energy! Coconut fat is converted by the liver and used for energy, bee pollen has the broadest spectrum of nutrients, and Seagreens contain many vital micronutrients missing in all land vegetables. Spirulina is a rich source of iron and protein and the nuts and hemp seeds are also [...]