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Review: @MHFAEngland Adult Course #MentalHealth

As people in the helping profession, it is highly likely that you have been faced with situations involving mental ill health… But if you were asked to define mental health, what would you reply? Many of us have heard or used the terms; stressed, OCD, Anxiety, schizophrenia for example, but do we really know enough about #MentalHealth? And more importantly, would we be able to recognise the symptoms of mental ill health and feel confident in managing such situations? Generally, people [...]

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The NEW Mind Detox Method Online Course

If you would like to improve your own life while making a positive difference to others and earn an extra income, then HTM recommend the online Mind Detox Practitioner training starting 11th April 2016. Finally, as there’s some pre-course learning videos to watch before then, course registrations close on 1st April 2016. Sandy Newbigging, founder of the mind blowing Mind Detox Method shares more… “Mind Detox is where it all started for me. I accidentally created it when working on a detox retreat [...]


Bake Your Own Healthy Bars

There are many people out there who are fabulous at home baking… and then there are the likes of myself… I got to feel like a master chef however with the Wyldsson original bar mix. First it arrived, beautifully and expertly packaged… and by ‘it’- I am referring to the box of things I needed to feel like a baker, without actually being one… The tray, the packet of mix, and a tub of nut butter, and all I needed to do [...]