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Hot Topic: Is Love Enough?

The purpose of my blog on love and relationships? … Well, my life as a spectator is constantly throwing me a vast array of love topics which propel me, often with great speed to my laptop. I love to write, offering up my perspective in a “me, you” discussion and then I like to offer advice as an “experiencer” first, then an educator, on what maybe happening. It’s then up to you and your innate wisdom to take from [...]


What’s Your 2012 Love Resolution?

Happy New Year conscious relationship seekers! I am Gina Hardy, I’m a relationship educator.  I hope your festivities over Christmas and your transition to 2012 was happy and healthy. Are you ready for this year? I am – I’ve energy of “raring to go” and I want what’s on offer! Blog titles have been flooding from mind to iPhone over Christmas and so to open the flood gates I felt I wanted to ask you one question right before we [...]