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Acupressure Mat
As a pillow it is slightly uncomfortable, however I can see the value as it does relieve some tension, and therefore after use you become more relaxed. But without clothes and hair the pillow would of been too sharp to use. When using it to massage your feet, the spikes are very hard, so they do advice wearing socks, which slightly tones it down. To use as a matt for your feet, I personally didn’t find it comfortable or relieving, but for people who hold a lot of tension in there feet this could possibly be a great product. I tried to lie on it on my upper back and shoulders and this was very comfortable and relieved stress, however clothes were still necessary to take the sharpness away. Two and A Half Stars out of FIVE

Incense Sticks & Cones
Firstly, I would like to point out what an excellent project this has been in finding employment for women in India. The incenses come in a great range of fragrances, to just name a few, I particularly like the Lavender and Vanilla. The packaging is attractive, robust and they are presented clearly in matching display stands. The incense sticks cost 99p per pack which is great value for money, and I would defiantly purchase Something Different products myself as well as recommending them to my friends. Overall I cannot fault the Elements range, they provide a fragrant to suit everybody made from all natural ingredients. FIVE STARS!


Full the full judging panel on these products please head to the Editor Pix in the Summer issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine.


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