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Carry On and Camp – BUT Prepare!

HAPPY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS… Camping is an inexpensive way to have a family holiday… But not everybody will jump at the idea of this type of a break! You could opt for a long weekend somewhere local to see if tents and campfires are your thing, before committing to a full-on camping holiday.  Here are five top tips to ensure your first camping trip is a hit with all of the family: 1)   Plan: If you are prepared, than less will faze [...]

training book

Strength Training for Speed: Book Recommendation

HTM recommends expertly written Strength Training for Speed: Scientific Principles and Practical Application. This sport book, published by Lotus is available at Amazon, and is released 30 June 2014 Speed is integral to the successful performance of both individuals and teams in a host of diverse sports; and knowledge of the ways in which high-performance athletes train to develop this quality is highly sought after. Strength Training for Speed, released 30 June, is a one-stop resource for coaches and athletes looking to enhance sprinting [...]