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Q&A with Poppy Jaman CEO of Mental Health First Aid England

Q&A with Poppy Jaman, CEO of Mental Health First Aid England, non-executive director of Public Health England and Programme Director of the City Mental Health Alliance Poppy Jaman What is the main difference between physical first aid and mental first aid? And are there any crossovers? “Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who is experiencing a mental health issue. A physical first aider is trained to stop an [...]


Is Social Media Adding To Your Anxitey?

Most of us these days are on at least platform of social media, where we write about how we’re feeling, vent our frustrations, post questions to our friends, and upload photos.  Some even go so far as to upload photos of their current meal!  It lets us feel connected to the outside world, and has done a lot to alleviate loneliness in people who may otherwise feel completely isolated. However, for all the positive aspects of connecting on social media [...]


When should you consider counselling?

National Counselling Society: There are some events that happen in peoples’ lives that may force them to consider getting some counselling. Of course, it is quite a personal thing and some individuals might prefer not to seek a counsellor. So, when should you think about getting some therapy? Emotional times Often, the times that people are most open to getting some counselling is when they have had a particular emotional upheaval. This can be anything from a relationship breaking down to grieving [...]