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Review: @MHFAEngland Adult Course #MentalHealth

As people in the helping profession, it is highly likely that you have been faced with situations involving mental ill health… But if you were asked to define mental health, what would you reply? Many of us have heard or used the terms; stressed, OCD, Anxiety, schizophrenia for example, but do we really know enough about #MentalHealth? And more importantly, would we be able to recognise the symptoms of mental ill health and feel confident in managing such situations? Generally, people [...]


It’s on the Cards

Read on to find out how giving your clients the option to pay by card can help your small or medium business Getting paid has been a longstanding issue for many small businesses: clients don’t always have cash on them; cheques are less-and-less used, and due to be phased out in a few years. Having the ability to accept cards would be the natural solution for most small to medium enterprises. Traditional card machines are not flexible enough, they are [...]


Specialise in Pregnancy Massage… With a difference!

There are so many different pregnancy massage courses around it can be difficult to choose the right one for you and your practise. When making your decision it is important to ensure that the trainer is well qualified as well as experienced and that the course is accredited with a recognised company that will be accepted by an insurance company, otherwise you are wasting your hard earned money. The recession has hit many businesses and therapists continue to find a [...]