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developing doulas

What are doulas? And Why do they matter?

Many women know, and research confirms, that having an experienced female birth companion, who is neither a health professional nor a part of their social circle, can have a tangible positive effect on their experience of childbirth… This such companion is called a doula… What do they actual do? And why do they matter? HTM decided to find out the answers to these questions, which were answered (and more) in this neat, little book written by Maddie McMahon: Why Doulas Matter (published [...]


What makes women feel confident?

It is so important that women feel confident about themselves… Why? Well because our confidence has a direct or indirect effect on all other areas of our lives – whether it is our professional, home, as a mother, or within a relationship. With this in mind HTM, asked a group of mothers of school-aged children, (the women’s ages varied from 25-45), what it is that makes them feel confident. So using this info – we have put together a list of [...]