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Think before you build

Nowadays, as prices of properties are fluctuating all too rapidly many people are deciding to stay in their homes until things settle, rather than moving.  However, as the family grows it becomes necessary to increase the space in the home.  Thus, an increasing amount of people are building extensions and conservatories at the back of their homes to extend their living space.

In the practice of feng shui every part of the property represents a different family member, aspect, organ and part of the body, so when an extension or conservatory is built it changes the whole shape of the property, thus having an affect on your family and life.

When I go to perform a feng shui consultation for a home, I have seen this same problem repeated on many occasions.  Recently, I did a consultation for a client whose husband was very sick.  When I asked her how long her husband had been unwell, she told me about 2 years – this tied in with the same period as her extension had been built.  What had happened was that they had built an extension which stuck out on one side of the back of the house (right side) thus the left side of the back was left empty (right represents woman, left represents man)

  • The back of the house represents health – thus the health of the man was affected
  • The side that was left empty was the Northwest again representing the man
  • The area inside the house that represented the husband’s hexagram was in the toilet.
  • The other area that represented the husband inside the house was the garage which was full of rubbish.

Thus, all the energy was against the husband.  We corrected this and now the husband’s energy is supported in the house and his health has improved greatly.

I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of building any extensions or conservatories seek the advice of a professional accredited Feng shui consultant so that no member of the family is affected adversely by the change.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

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